Looking from such a terrible height makes you dizzy

by Ana Lopez

Jain Monk’s Himalayan Journey – Acharya Vijay Sri Hardikaratnasuriji

(continued from previous)
Jeth Sud 7, Monday, dt. 21.05.2018
Yes… today we have come to Lanka. There will be no Lanka with Ravana. This Lanka has no relation to Ravana. Although Lanka. We were moving forward this morning from several branches. We had to reach Lanka, how will Lanka be? If there is Ravana, we will meet. There will be a meeting with one of Vibhishan’s brothers and nephews. We moved forward admiring the beauty of the Himalayas. The green-tinged black forest has turned. Five km. Harshil came there. Being an army center, soldiers were seen a lot. There was also a helipad. Several helicopters landed and took off. After crossing Dharali village, the real forest started. Only the kingdom of the cedar tree. A spark like no other can be seen. White moons laughing sweetly sweetly between giant mountains like double girnars all around without upward direction and snow-capped glaciers freezing the sky. The journey was auspicious. There were 1-2 shortcuts on the way. About a km. decreased. About 20 km. After walking barely came to Lanka. If you come and see, there is nothing here except a temple and a hut made of leaves in the name of Lanka. Soldiers’ tents are pitched at a little distance around. This is just Lanka. Lankeshvara Mahadev alone sits under an open tree without the Atula temple. No house, no shop, no man. Everywhere there is a monocyclic kingdom of wild trees. For us there was only a temple hut. was nice Closed from all sides. Not even a light wave of air can penetrate. After completing the necessary work, I went for a little stroll around. The sound of the Ganges was coming from the valley a short distance away. In the distance, there was the sound of an ax cutting a big tree. Then it came to know that two servants of the same temple were cutting some wood from a fallen tree. A few minutes later, a police car arrived and took both of them away. The crime is ‘cutting down a tree in the forest.’ However, both were completely innocent. The tree fell several days ago in a wind storm. They were collecting wood for the food field, but some laborer complained in the name of both of them. Both were not released till evening. It is said that in Kalyuga, ‘invasion of the home of religion’. Thus, many trees are being cut down in front of the forest, but no one says anything. Such is the world. Goddesses demand goat sacrifice ‘No one has yet demanded a tiger-cheetah sacrifice. Why? All sacrifices to the weak. Here also the same thing happened to two boys who were completely innocent benefactors. This is the irony of the world.’
If you pay attention to the vegetation, you will see that Brahmi is scattered all around, wherever you look, only Brahmi is visible. Small Hrishta-Pushta fresh leaves of Brahmi were seen here. Previously seen Brahmi in Western Ghats Karnataka, but not this beautiful. The Himalayas are the Himalayas. All herbs are full of juice.
Had a great day. In the evening the excursion proceeded. Now Gangotri is only 10 km. was Let’s reach this evening. 20 km in the morning. Had walked, tiredness had not yet subsided. Still thought to go ahead. Tomorrow is all day rest. We walked forward. The atmosphere is clear. There is no sun and no rain clouds. It is a cold cold wind. Still 1 km. had walked, there came an iron bridge. Before the bridge was written on the board. ‘No one should stand on the bridge. No one will take photos. If one vehicle is running on the bridge, don’t let the other go.’ we walked If you look below the bridge, 500-600 feet below a deep valley, a beautiful mountain river runs and joins the Ganges. Looking from such a terrible height makes you feel dizzy. How would this bridge have been built? If you look at the direction from where the river was coming, the water was running through a thin long gorge of high mountains. As if coming from a dark room. We felt like the river Ganges coming out from under Vaitadhya. It will come out in the same way. We watched it with love. Crossed the bridge and proceeded, there was the sound of vehicles above. That means the road is just up from here. We hiked up a short cut for a km. reduced. There are no ups and downs ahead. The plane was moving forward. We were walking through inaccessible mountains and the Ganga was running through a similar deep valley. We reached Gangotri comfortably. Around 7:30 in the evening, we have already taken refuge in Ishavasyam Ashram on the opposite bank of Gangotri Ganga Mandir. (Sequentially:)

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