Location of Reverend Mother in Wagad: Sun

by Ana Lopez

Kefiyat-e-Kachch – Rajesh Maheshwari

Rudrani Temple: 20 km from Bhuj. Far away is the temple of Rudrani Mataji. It is considered as a Jagir of Ravachi’s branch. Shravan Sud Atham fair is held there. Yuvraj Sri arrives and even today Mataji gives him the flower leaf. Jatra takes place on that day. Bhajan Mandali takes place. The royal family considers Ravachi Mane Rudrani Mane to be their clan goddess. Here Sambai took a living samadhi. So Maharaj Shri Deshlaji built the Shikharband temple. There is a temple of Lakshminarayan here. Also there are Vasangi farmers, Batuk Bhairav ​​etc.
Here the rest house was inaugurated as well as the donation plaque unveiling ceremony dated 13/09/1886 Samvat 2041, on the 10th day of Bhadrawa Sud in the presence of the President, the main donor of the rest house etc.
Mataji’s papers
Jagdusha’s ships star-
When Mataji was playing live Chopat with Nota Bhopi, when water dripped from Mataji’s chud, Nota Bhopa asked the reason, Mataji said that the ship of my supreme devotee Jagadusha was capsized in a midday storm. I saved those ships as they remembered me. Nota Bhopa did not believe. After that, Jagdusha took the fourth part with the Sangha and asked to use his substance in auspicious way after completing this manta in Mataji’s temple. At that time Notha Bhopa felt remorse. After that, Mataji never came to play games with Bhopa directly.
Miracle to Dajiya-
When Dajiya continued to cut the acacia trees in the area around Ravechi Mata despite Bhopa saying no, Mataji showed the paper where Dajiya was cutting the trees and the trees became weak and buried in the ground. The snake bit and Dajio lay there.
The End of Deda-
When Dedas were dominant in Wagad, Lakhaji Jam’s Deda begged for milk from cows to feed the foals of the mares. A horse pir’s vehicle. Mataji was forbidden to Muslims. So Bhopa refused. Lakhaji teased. Threatened to collect all the Dedas and take away the cows. Bhopa assumed the form of Mataji. Then at dawn at the place of Mataji, you give the instruments, Nagara amchi. Mataji assumed the form of a tiger. Seeing the tiger form of Mataji, the children trembled. Apologized to Mataji and Bhopa. The next day, the children quarreled over the division. The insides were torn apart and died. The Dedas fled to Morbi leaving Rav, Davari, Jasang, Trambau due to Mataji’s curse and the Dedas ended up in Wagad.
Temple robbery-
In the year of Samvat 1945, with the friendship of Ravana Rana Koli, Kando Baharwatiya and his accomplice stole 3500 kori mattas from the Ravachi temple, tied Mahant Vashram with a rope and tied the Aarti with Malia Miyana. Mahant Vashramgare prayed to Mataji, so give me the room opened and the ropes came loose. The outlaws looted and went to the Mewasa hills. Ravoji and Manubhai Fojdar went to Mewasa Dungar following the trail. Bullets fired face to face. Outlaw bullets seemed normal to customs and criminals. Kando and the other outlaws fell. The only survivor who went to fetch water.
Mataji refused to rob. Naran Baharwatia removed all the hidden property.
Deposited from Jagir in Samvat 1992. At that time people came from village to village. There was an unbearable shortage of water. The lake was running out of water. This question was confusing everyone. At night, Mahant Shri saw Mataji in a dream. Ravechi Mataji said that don’t worry, water will come in the lake at night. The very next day, dark clouds surrounded the reservoir near the temple and it rained and the lake was overflowing with water.
Ravechi Mataji’s fair is held near the temple of Ravechi Mataji on Bhadrava Sud eighth according to the Hindu calendar and in September according to the month of Baglarji. It is attended by more than thirty thousand prospective devotees. Mainly Ahir, Rabari, Charan and other communities are present. Special buses are full of people. Ravachi Mataji’s temple is also decorated at this time. People wear underwear. Abhalan Bharata as well as other rural cultural costumes are seen. Several stalls are erected here. People shop and enjoy Ujani with faith. A cowshed is also located here under Ravechi Mata’s jagir. Hundreds of cows are sheltered and groomed in it.
Here, five km away from this Dham, another beautiful Dham of Mataji is Manaka. There is also a beautiful temple of Mataji. Also from there Ravechi also sits in the bats roaming between the deserts. The picturesque view of nature amidst the calm and quiet environment is worth seeing. We have seen many pamphlets of Ma Ravechi. Thousands of people visit Mataji’s place on foot and get such a divine feeling on Navratri. self Dhansukh Umiyashankar Unatri has sung the glory of Ravachi. So Wagad’s self. Ravubha Bhagat and Sr. Bhojbha Gadvi wrote the praises of Mataji Ravechi and the words are still playing on the tongues of the people today. Hem, the poet of Fatehgarh, has also glorified the post of Mataji Ravachi. Every Ajwali Atham, thousands of people visit Ravechi Mata’s shrine. Mahant Gangagiri Maharaj is currently sitting here. (complete)

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