List of Pseudo Legendary Pokémon Levels (2023)

by Ana Lopez

While there are many Pokémon to choose from in the series, some of the strongest are Pseudo Legendary Pokémon. These Pokémon have some of the highest stat totals outside of Legendary Pokémon, with a total score of 600. With many different Pseudo Legendaries to choose from, you may be wondering what the best Pseudo Legendary Pokémon are.

All Pseudo Legendary Pokémon Ranked

There are ten Pseudo Legendary to choose from in Pokémon. Many of them are Dragon types, earning some Dragon Pokémon strongest pokemon at the games. Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon evolve late compared to other Pokémon, but are well worth the wait because of the immense power they add to a team. We’ve ranked all of the Pseudo Legendary Pokémon below, so read on to see the best Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.

10. Kommo-O

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Kommo-O is unique in being a Dragon/Fighting-type Pokémon, but it suffers in many ways compared to other Pseudo Legendaries. It has two signature moves, Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soul, but these don’t make up for the remaining dullness. It has great attack and defense stats, but its good speed leaves it open to faster Pokémon that spring into action before it can. With the right setup, Kommo-O can be a real threat, but the effort to achieve it is greater than just using another Dragon Pokémon.

9. Goodra

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After countless years, Pokémon finally introduced a Pseudo Legendary that is pure Dragon-type in Goodra. Unfortunately, this is not what defines Goodra, but rather the focus on defense rather than offense. It excels as a bulky special defender, but it relies on this to succeed, so an opponent ready for this can easily counter Goodra. It has decent skills and moves, but falls short compared to other Pseudo Legendary Pokémon. It has a Hisuian shape that helps by making it Dragon/Steel, but this only provides minor benefits.

8. Hydreigon

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Hydreigon can be seen as quite versatile just like Dragonite, but it lacks some of its options. This Dragon/Dark Pokémon also has a double weakness for Fairy, a popular type of Pokémon that exposes it to strong attacks. That said, Hydreigon can deal real damage if set up with Nasty Plot, and it can unleash Draco Meteor. However, with the right doubles partner, Hydreigon gets better, but you’ll need to work out your strategy around this Pokémon.

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7. Bax Calibur

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Baxcalibur is the latest Pseudo Legendary Pokémon to join the series and has made quite an impression. It has a unique Dragon/Ice type combination, eliminating the ever-present weakness to Ice. It also has a unique ability in Thermal Exchange that powers it up when hit by a Fire-type attack. This boosts his already incredible attack, and with his good HP and defensive stats, Baxcalibur can stay on the battlefield for quite some time. It has a decent speed, so other Pokémon can make it faster, which is a shame.

6. Metagross

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Metagross ignores the typical Dragon-type that Pseudo Legendary Pokémon have and instead has a Steel/Psychic-type combination. The primary stats are Offense and Defense, both of which are pretty high. This makes it a tank-like offensive attacker, especially with its good resistance. In addition, METagross has cover for its move pool, allowing it to counter Pokémon it would normally be weak against. It does have a medium speed which can hamper it though.

5. Salamence

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Salamence has the classic Dragon/Flying-type combination, but stands out for its great Attack and powerful abilities. Either Intimidate or Moxie are great choices, and it has fantastic speed to take advantage of either. Choose either skill, whether you use Salamence more defensively or purely offensively. Whether Salamence or Dragonite is better is something of a toss-up and will probably come down to personal preference and what team you run.

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4. Dragonite

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Dragonite may look silly, but it has access to Multiscale, which reduces damage when its HP is full. This is useful for setups and allows Dragonite to take advantage of its versatility. This Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon has no special power, but can play many roles. His double weakness to Ice is unfortunate, but he can be extremely powerful when combined with the right Pokémon in doubles or the right strategy in singles.

3. Tyranitar

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Tyranitar is one of two Pseudo Legendary Pokémon that is not Dragon-type. Leaving this aside for a Rock/Dark-type combo, Tyranitar is a powerhouse of a Pokémon with incredible attack and good defense stats. His speed suffers, but he does gain access to the Sand Stream ability, causing a sandstorm when he goes into battle. This isn’t great for dealing chip damage, but it can be combined with Pokémon that have Sand Rush to give them a Speed ​​boost.

2. Dragapult

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Dragapult’s unique Dragon/Ghost-like combination gives him an interesting move pool, but where he really shines is his amazing speed and good Attack and Special Attack. This gives Dragopult options to be a special or physical attacker. Its signature move Dragon Darts is also a great tool in both singles and doubles, meaning it can excel in both formats.

1. Garchomp

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Garchomp made a dramatic appearance as the Gen IV Ace Pokémon of Elite Four Champion Cynthia. It has incredible attack, HP, and speed, making it incredibly deadly, especially if it can be set up with Swords Dance. His Dragon/Ground-type combination makes him doubly weak against Ice, but he also gives him Earthquake stab, allowing him to take advantage of one of the strongest offensive types in the game.

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