List of leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics (Chapter 4, Season 1)

by Ana Lopez

If you’re looking for an overview of everything new Fortnite Leaked hides for Chapter 4 Season 1, find them below! Fortnite Cosmetics leak can come out in different ways. They are usually found through data mining, but sometimes platforms accidentally reveal them early and sometimes promotional images hit the web.

This post will be updated when more are dated or revealed. This list contains Fortnite leaks and unreleased skins. We will also move the released cosmetics as soon as they hit the store.

Most of the skins below will eventually be added to the store. However, skins may be available through other methods such as the purchase of Save the World, promotions or missions. Most skins are dated and then released within a week or two, but others have been on file for a while and it’s still not clear how they’ll be released.

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Fortnite Crew cosmetics

The following cosmetics are included in the Fortnite Crew pack for December.

Recently released cosmetics

Article store

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Unpublished cosmetics


Datamined Leaks/Un/Confirmed Cosmetics

These are cosmetics that have not yet been officially found in the files or have not yet been announced. They are usually leaked by guessing filenames of skins and injecting the cosmetics into the game. You’ll also notice skins being teased within the game itself or as part of it Fortnite promotions.

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Back Bling

Most backblings are connected to the skin, but sometimes they are sold separately.

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These are all unreleased bundles.

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