List of cats and soup furniture

by Ana Lopez

Are you completely amazed at how Cats and Soup furniture works? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to describe exactly what furniture is and how to get it. That should help you progress a bit faster, not to mention more fun in this cute little idle puzzle game.

If you’ve never heard of it, Cats and Soup might just be one of the cutest games ever to hit our phones. As the name suggests, you hire a bunch of adorable kitties to make soup, which you then sell for a profit. With addictive idle gameplay, a bunch of cats to collect, and beautiful Studio Ghibli-esque visuals, it’s worth checking out.

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List of cats and soup furniture

Below we list the Cats and Soup furniture currently available as part of their individual collections.

Odds and ends

  • Umbrella Stand (Stuff)
  • Backpack (Stuff)
  • Rocking horse (toy)


  • Bookshelf (Furniture)
  • Bookshelf (Wall Decoration)
  • Bookshelf (Furniture)

Cat and soup furniture – Princess Props

  • Bulb (Lighting)
  • Sofa (Furniture)
  • Handbag (Stuff)

Witch lab

  • Hat (Ornament)
  • Glass Ball (Ornament)
  • Broomstick (things)


  • Laundry basket (leisure)
  • Blanket (Carpet)
  • Sun (Wall Decoration)

Botanical Garden

  • Hanging Fruit (Wall Decoration)
  • Plant (Ornament)
  • Water feature (Ornament)

RPG inn

  • Chest (Furniture)
  • Bed (Furniture)
  • Barrel (Furniture)


  • Teddy bear (toy)
  • Giraffe (Toy)
  • Rabbit (Toy)

Modern style

  • Table (Furniture)
  • Mug (Food)
  • Chair (Furniture)


  • Gift (things)
  • Balloon (Toy)
  • Eat cake)

Camp life

  • Fire (free time)
  • Marshmallow on Stick (Food)
  • Guitar (free time)


  • Clock (Wall Decoration)
  • Window (Window)
  • Fireplace (leisure)

Merry christmas

  • Christmas Tree (Ornament)
  • Christmas Lights (Ornament)
  • Wreath (Ornament)

Luxurious life

  • Bed (Furniture)
  • Window (Window)
  • Carpet)

Chosun Palace

  • Window (Window)
  • Property (Furniture)
  • Palace (Furniture)

Frequently asked questions about cats and soup furniture

Now we will answer a bunch of questions you may have about Cats and Soup or furniture.

What is Cats and Soup Furniture?

Cats and Soup furniture is a collectible item that you can use to decorate your mini room. This is an adorable venue where you can display your cats in style along with any furniture you’ve collected along the way.

How do I get cat and soup furniture?

To get furniture in Cats and Soup, you must first have the Claw Machine. At that point, you’ll unlock the furniture store, which will provide you with new furniture to buy. You do need furniture coins to buy it.

Do I need to buy Cat and Soup Furniture Tokens?

That is certainly the simplest method of getting furniture coins, although they do cost gems. That’s the premium currency that you have to buy with real money, or for free by getting achievements.

You can also get furniture coins by using the claw machine, completing daily missions, and random cat gifts. However, save as much as you can – they are in short supply.

How does the Cat and Soup Furniture Shop work?

Before the furniture store update, the only way to get furniture was through the gift store. Every day there were three pieces of furniture on sale, and if the item you wanted wasn’t there, you had to wait.

That is no longer the case thanks to the gift shop. At this convenient location, you can reset the three options in the gift shop up to three times a day in exchange for viewing an ad.

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