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by Ana Lopez

A painful public letter from a fictional film writer

Show-Sharaba – Divyakant Pandya

Unpopular filmmakers,
Let it be stated in the letter that I am a writer of the Indian film industry today sitting down to write this letter to you tired, lost and bored. By the time you get this letter, you may have missed me. No, I’m not talking about leaving this world (if you are) I mean I’m moving away from your reach because of your exploits. You may think that why am I writing this letter instead of a call or message in the age of phone? So the answer is – my wish. Something should happen according to my will or not. If I write a letter in public, everyone will know the pain of me and my relatives!
So the point is that I want an answer. What is at the core of any film? story. Who writes the story? the author. Where does the film begin? By writing an author’s story. Then why is the writer’s remuneration and importance so low? The first writer joins the film, he works hard and then the rest of the team joins, when the same film is announced, the name of the actor, director and producer is mentioned but the writer is very shamelessly forgotten. I don’t think you will forget it. You must remember very well that the author’s name does not appear in it by mistake. If writers wake up tomorrow and become stars. We are happy to see a brother or Ben’s My Film/Show is ‘Releasing’ post in social media, but when we look at the image, there is neither his face nor his name in it, then why does it say that this is My Film. We may doubt for a second that Bhai/Ben is a thief and uploads other people’s film in his own name by lying. But back there to remember that oh! No name in ad means this must be the author. But why so? The author wants to know!
Producer, do you know what respect is given to writers in Hollywood? How do you know? You only know how to pick up or remake a movie from Hollywood. Pay a little attention to the work culture there along with the films, then our fee here may be a little higher than the cost of the hero-heroine’s clothes. Now what are you hiding, we know that you are more worried about how an actor-actress looks in a song than the dialogue spoken by the actor-actress on screen. Our fee is thinner than a hero’s jacket. You may forget 1-2 installments of our payment, but you remember the heroine’s 1-2 piece bikini. You don’t say a word while his boys walking around with the hero-heroine slurping free coffee and burgers, and if we need a research assistant for a subject, my brother has written a whole paragraph of expenses like budget, my brother, etc. is Yeah, so I was telling you Hollywood, sorry to have to nickel and dime. Why is the pain so painful? Film writers are also stars in America. There 10-15% of the entire film’s budget is for writer’s fee and in India even less than 1%.
However, in this situation it is our fault that we have not been able to show you our greatness openly. If we say that no such fee is required, then maybe the work will be easier. But even if we fear that if we ask you for a fee like we did to the hero of our story, the days of walking around with those underarms will not return, the ink of our pen will not dry. This is a film that started with our pen (just from the keyboard) eventually becomes a herologue. In response to the question about who the film is, only the name of the actor is taken, excluding the directors. Not so dear producers, you see that even your name is rarely mentioned in it. So don’t you think you get enough credit and so do we? Almost no one but the writer realizes that writing is a very responsible job and a very necessary part of a film. When a film of stars with 50-foot cutouts does not play back, a section says that the story has no life. So Bhai, in the films Chaali, its citymar entry and the dialogues of the writer is not considered a little bit too?
It is good for Salim-Javed that they did revolutionary work in the 70s that benefited our people so that everyone knew that there was a writer in the film. Even after the pair gave blockbuster films like ‘Hathi Mere Sathi’ (1971) and ‘Sita Aur Geeta’ (1972), their names were not on the posters of their 1973 film ‘Zanzeer’ when they hit the streets. Disturbed by this, one night he returned in a jeep and found all the posters of the film in the city of Mumbai with the words “Returned by Salim-Javed” written on them. While taking the credit of all the writers, it must be admitted that if there is a demand for credit, payment and importance, there should be a trinity of awesome stories and hits like Salim-Javed. Writers who want to get into writing and write scripts without studying are considered outcasts in this letter.
It is believed that actors with face value are crowd poolers and they contribute a lot in making the film a hit. Not at all, but why is it that the film is considered only for the actors and not for the writers. Whatever the herolog or heroinelog does or says in front of the camera, it should also be written. How can the film be made if it is not written? Again, we are not saying that all producers are oppressive, there are good ones too. The matter is complicated, but our protest is not entirely wrong. And it is not finished yet. Next week on the other side of the letter! (Sequentially:)
Last shot
In many award functions in India, the Writer’s Award is considered a technical category and is often even removed from the telecast on TV!

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