Kiss Day started coming School boy caught with daughter then mom casts the ghost of love – Kiss Day started coming School boy caught with daughter then mom casts the ghost of love

by Ana Lopez

Viral Video: Kiss Day was celebrated today in the Valentine week. In which a video of a boy and a girl is going viral. Which has been shared on the social media platform Twitter by the id @amolbachhav93 and has been written in the caption in a joking manner that the kiss day has started coming.

Kiss Day started coming... School boy caught with daughter, then mom casts the ghost of 'love'

On Kiss Day, Mom cast off the ghost of love

As soon as the month of February comes, there is a different excitement among boys and girls and this excitement is Valentine’s Day. As soon as Valentine’s week begins, girlfriends and boyfriends visit more. He has a different plan for each day. Even those who have no partner till then go in search.

Nowadays even boys and girls studying in school are paying more attention to ‘love’ than studies. A video related to this is becoming very viral in social media these days, seeing which people could not stop laughing. Actually, the video is of a school boy and girl, who were secretly meeting each other on the roof of a house, but then the girl’s mother reached there and caught them both.

After that, Mom removed the ghost of ‘love’ from both of them. In the video, you can see a girl standing on a terrace and her mother looking for her boyfriend, who is hiding somewhere. Eventually the mother found him and then slapped him, then beat him with a sandal. Then came the daughter’s turn. Mother also served him with chappal and removed the ghost of love from him.

Watch this funny video

Today is Kiss Day and this video is trending on Twitter. This funny video has been shared on social media platform Twitter by the id @amolbachhav93 and the caption is funny, ‘Chalo kiss dey ke roozaan ane lage hai’.

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This video of only 34 seconds has been viewed more than 81 thousand times till now, while hundreds of people have also given different reactions by liking this video. One user wrote, ‘This kind of post should come on Valentine’s Day too’, while another wrote, ‘This is the perfect cure’.

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