King’s Squire – How to get, Ascension, stats and who can use it in Genshin Impact

by Ana Lopez

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King’s Squire is a Genshin Impact four-star bow, part of the series of Sumeru craftable weapons. It’s one of the less desirable of the bunch due to its strange gear, which has offensive main and sub stats and a support-oriented passive. Anyway, King’s Squire can still be useful to you depending on your characters and specific team rotations.

How to get King’s Squire in Genshin Impact

King’s Squire is a craftable weapon, so it cannot be obtained by pulling a banner. Instead, you’ll need to go through Sumeru’s Aranyaka questline to get quest items called Stories of You and the Aranara. Then talk to Aravinay in dream Vanarana to exchange them for Forging Blueprints, including the Story of the king’s squirewhich is used to make King’s Squire.

Get to know the blueprint by using it from your inventory, then go to any one Blacksmith to forge it with the following materials:

  • x1 Midlander Bow Billet
  • x50 crystal chunk
  • x50 White iron knuckle
  • x500 Mora

It only takes 10 seconds to get this bow and you can make as many as you want for refinements.

Genshin Impact King’s Squire Stats

  • Basic attack: 41 to 454
  • Substat: Attack (12 to 55.1 percent)
  • Passive: Labyrinth Lord’s Instruction
    • Gain the Teachings of the Forest effect when unleashing elemental skills and bursts, increasing elemental mastery by 60 for 12 seconds. This effect is removed when switching characters. When the Teachings of the Forest effect ends or is removed, it is dealt with 100 percent of the attack as damage to 1 nearby opponent. The Teachings of the Forest effect can be triggered every 20 seconds.

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Genshin Impact King’s Squire Ascension Cost and Materials

Below are all the Ascension materials needed for King’s Squire. They can be grown from the following:

  • Arrow-head: Hilichurl Gunmen all over Teyvat
  • Mold Core: Fungi in Sumeru (must be inflicted with Electro or Pyro before being defeated)
  • Searing power: Tower of Abject Pride (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday)

Ascension phase 1

x5,000 morale

x2 Solid arrowhead

x3 Inactivated fungal core

x3 Echo of searing power

Ascension phase 2

x15,000 morale

x8 Sturdy arrowhead

x12 Inactivated fungal core

x3 Residual glow of scorching power

Ascension phase 3

x20,000 morale

x6 Sharp arrowhead

x6 Dormant Fungus Core

x6 Remnant glow of scorching power

Ascension Phase 4

x30,000 morale

x9 Sharp arrowhead

x12 Dormant fungal core

x3 Dream of scorching power

Ascension Phase 5

x35,000 morale

x6 weathered arrowhead

x9 robust mold core

Dream of searing power

Ascension Phase 6

x45,000 morale

x12 Weathered arrowhead

x18 Robust mold core

x4 Old days of torrid power

Who can use King’s Squire in Genshin Impact

King’s Squire is an odd choice overall as there are significantly better bow options for most characters. It also requires careful rotation to make the most of its passive, which is a strange mix of support and being DPS-focused. Some characters can still use King’s Squire, but it’s not anyone’s best option.

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