Keto Diet is dangerous for our health? Risk of heart attack can increase – keto diet can cause heart attack research says know in Gujarati

by Ana Lopez

Keto diet and heart attack: Along with the H3N2 virus, the keto diet is also currently in a lot of discussion. According to the data, the keto diet eaten to stay healthy increases the risk of heart attack. Let’s know the fact behind this news.

After the corona epidemic, people have become more aware about health. People try different types of diet plans to keep the body healthy. Nowadays people want to stay fit and reduce obesity Keto Diet are following, but this diet can cause heart related diseases. Currently, this has been revealed in the research of the American College of Cardiology. Research has shown that there is a risk of heart blockage due to the keto diet. Keto diet increases cholesterol levels in the body. And there is also a risk of heart attack due to increase in bad cholesterol.

A keto diet is high in fat, but low in carbohydrates, which increases the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Following this diet regularly leads to high blood pressure and cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease after some time. But nowadays people follow keto diet to control diabetes and weight which can prove dangerous.

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What does the research say?

Research has shown that the keto diet contains up to 45 percent fat. The daily intake of which is very high, but the amount of protein is low, which is harmful for the body. Especially following a keto diet every day can have many disadvantages. It can increase the cholesterol level in the body in no time.

In this research, the data of about one million people in the UK was taken. Research found that people who followed a keto diet had higher levels of cholesterol in their bodies, which is a direct indicator of heart disease. In such a situation, people should consult a doctor before following a keto diet.

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What is keto diet?

A keto diet includes meat, eggs, bananas, capsicum and broccoli. Nowadays people have become more popular to take this diet. A keto diet is high in fat. The functioning of the body depends on the fat taken from it. The keto diet is very low in carbohydrates. In such a situation, the use of fat instead of carbohydrates increases in the body. The body begins to use fat for energy, which leads to weight loss.

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