Kam Ni Vaat : Do you want to correct address in driving license? So you don’t have to rub your shoes, you can correct it at home – Kam Ni Vaat : Do you want to correct address in driving license? You can improve at home

by Ana Lopez

You can easily change the address in the driving license at home. You don’t have to go to any office for this

Driving license (Driving license) Very important document (document) is Whenever you your vehicle (vehicle) It is very important to keep it with you when you go out. And it must always be updated.

Often the biggest problem when you shift from one city to another is the address in the driving license (Address in driving license) have to change. Many times people RTO (RTO)Do many rounds of no, but still not working. Did you know that it is very easy and can be easily done at home to change the address of driving license. You don’t have to go to any office for this. Let’s understand how this can easily be done online…

How to update driving license online

  1. First of all you go to www.parivahan.gov.in page
  2. Now select Driving License Related Services option
  3. Select your state in the drop-down list
  4. Now click on Drivers/ Learners License under License Related Services
  5. Then select Apply for Change of Address option in the new window
  6. Where there will be an option to submit the application, click on Continue below
  7. Now you have to type DL number i.e. driving license number and date of birth
  8. Now click on Get DL Details
  9. A window will open in which click on YES in the dropdown
  10. Now a list will open, select the nearest RTO and click on Proceed
  11. Now fill the new address and all necessary details and check the box of Change of address on DL
  12. Select Permanent, Present or Both and then fill in the details
  13. After filling the details click on confirm

Just now you will get your updated driving license in few days. And yes while doing this process don’t forget to carry the required documents viz

Documents required for change of address

– Proof of new address like Aadhaar card, voter ID, passbook or electricity bill
– OK if you have PAN card, otherwise, attested copy of form 60 & 61
– Certificate of Insurance
– Application in Form 33
– Registration Certificate
– PUC Certificate
– Smart card fee
– Chassis and engine pencil print
– Vehicle owner’s signature proof

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