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by Ana Lopez


Who is Jess Gabor?

Born on October 23, 1996 in Los Angeles, California, USA, Jess Gabor is an actress, probably best known for her work in the television series “Shameless” where she plays the character of Kelly Keefe. She joined the show during the 9th season and while the show is expected to end in the 11th season, there is no confirmation if she will reprise her role for the final season.

The wealth of Jess Gabor

As of early 2020, Jess Gabor’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000 earned through a successful acting career, and though she is still in the early stages of her career, she has earned a significant amount of money due to her work in various popular programs, and those likely to continue.

Early life and career beginnings

At a young age, Jess developed a love of reading and was inspired by Dr. Seuss, who is known for promoting reading as a way to get to even more places in life. She read many stories and some of them envisioned her playing the role of the main heroine.

She also knew a little about the entertainment industry as her mother, Vicki, worked at Disney. She didn’t want her daughters to pursue acting careers, which they would probably consider being in Los Angeles, so close to Hollywood. She tried to ruin acting for them by putting them in cameo or small roles in some of the Disney projects she worked on.

While she hoped that her children would see the negative side of acting, the opposite happened and they were even more inspired to pursue acting as a career.

Education and career start

After graduating from high school, Gabor enrolled at Loyola Marymount University, near her home on the west side of Los Angeles. The college is known for offering numerous programs and is one of the largest Roman Catholic universities in the country, enrolling over 9,000 students each year. She completed her undergraduate degree there and continued her studies by moving to Russia and spending some time there at the Moscow Art Theater (MAT).

Jess Gabor

The theater organization is one of the oldest in the country and was founded to promote the naturalistic movement that focuses on plays more connected to reality and history – at that time melodramas were more popular in Russia. The creation of MAT is known as one of the most influential in acting and is also credited with popularizing modern theater in the US.

After completing her studies, she returned to the US and began appearing in local productions. It wasn’t long before she started auditioning for camera roles, which led to her first and most notable role to date in her career when she was cast in “Shameless”.


Shameless” airs on Showtime and started in 2011 – it was inspired by the British series of the same name created by Paul Abbott. In this American version, the show focuses on a dysfunctional family living in Chicago’s South Side, telling the story of a struggling working-class family led by a single father who has six children. The father is an alcoholic, which sheds some light on families struggling with alcoholism. The family often experiences adversity, with the children often fending for themselves due to their father’s problems.

The show wanted to distinguish itself by showing a much more serious side of poverty. unlike “Roseanne” or “My Name is Earl”, that people with this life state exist and are likely neighbors nearby. The show featured an ensemble cast such as William H. Macy, Emma Kenney, Jeremy Allen White, and Shanola Hampton – other cast members came and went depending on the progression of the story. The show was very successful and became one of “Showtime’s” highest rated programs, building a devoted fan base over the years, with about two million viewers.

The success of Shameless and other projects

In “Shameless”, Jess plays the role of a military brat Kelly Keef, a tough woman who becomes romantically involved in the life of Carl Gallagher, played by Ethan Cutkosky. As their relationship progresses, she gets too involved and starts taking over his life, leading to many complications. She arrived late to the show, during the eighth season, but her character was well received and gained a lot of fans. The show itself has maintained a good track record throughout its run with increasingly favorable reviews.

Jess has also appeared in other projects – she worked on the short film “Her storyin which she is also credited as a writer. It tells the story of two best friends who become addicted to heroin and in no way stop trying to keep up the bad habit. She also worked on the independent film “Confessional”, which tells the story from a confessional booth perspective, and follows the story of two deaths that take place in a college, slowly revealing the mystery behind it. One of her latest projects is a guest appearance on the show “FBI: Most Wanted”:

Private life

Jess is single, although she has expressed an interest in dating. She prefers someone with a sense of humor, reliable and attentive – she does not like men who are too obsessed with their weight and body. She plans to have children in the future, but not now because she is still very young. Her acting dream is to work with Tom Hanks, and she looks up to Meryl Streep the most. She notes that she has remained positive for most of her career, acknowledging that we now live in a world where people can learn things that others couldn’t access in the past. However, the interconnectedness of the world has also brought with it a lot of narcissism, the result of a lack of education.

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