Jeff Bezos’ $500 million mega yacht is reportedly setting sail

by Ana Lopez

Jeff Bezos’ mysterious megayacht, estimated to have cost $500 million to build, has been the cause of much controversy in the past due to its sheer size that almost became the reason a historic bridge in the Netherlands had to be dismantled.

Instead, following public outcry, the boat was towed from the Dutch shipyard where it was built without sails, preventing the taking apart of Rotterdam’s famous Koningshaven Bridge.

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News about the boat remained relatively quiet until footage released this week allegedly showed the billionaire’s massive ship (named Koru) at sea a few weeks ago.

The giant sailing yacht Reportedly left Rotterdam on February 13 and made a trial run in the North Sea, according to the released images of Dutch Yachting.

Bezos originally commissioned the yacht to be built in May 2021 by Dutch-based water sports company Oceanco, dubbed project Y721. It is rumored to have multiple decks, a swimming pool, and a separate, smaller yacht with a helipad to allow the billionaire easy access to and from the boat.

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Neither Amazon’s founder nor Oceanco have confirmed that Bezos owns the boat seen in the footage.

A look at Bezos’ rumored megayacht at the Oceanco shipyard in August 2022. (via Shutterstock)

It’s no secret that Bezos is a fan of privacy and luxury when it comes to his free time.

Just months after paying Koru’s commission, he reportedly bought a $78 million Hawaiian estate called the Carter Estate that occupies part of the Pacific Ocean, making Bezos not only the owner of a private beach, but also of part of the ocean itself.

Bezos’ net value was an estimated $118.1 billion by Wednesday afternoon.

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