Janhvi Kapoor crossed all limits by giving a bold look in a black velvet gown

by Ana Lopez

Mumbai: One thing that is trending in the film world right now is the trend of showing less work. In fact, OTT platforms have made the actors crazy, but the fact that actors, especially actresses, are active on social media and have tried the alchemy of being popular by being active on it also applies to Sridevi’s daughter. Recently, Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor has shocked everyone by giving a bold look in front of the camera in a black velvet dress. It is also said that Janhvi Kapoor has crossed all limits by giving a bold look in a black gown.
Fashion symbol Janhvi Kapoor has blown people’s minds by wearing a black gown, while her photographs have also gone viral on social media. Janhvi Kapoor seen in the latest photos is wearing a black gown. This gown reveals the body of the actress, which is loved by the fans. Janhvi Kapoor strikes a killer pose in a black gown. Janhvi Kapoor posing as Naagin looks bold from every angle. The bodycon dress of the actress is not high slit, but has such a deep neck that its neck reaches up to the braline. Not only that, Jahnavi is braless as the gown is revealing, leaving people in awe with her intoxicating look.
This gown of Janhvi Kapoor is so open, in which the cameraman from everywhere gives a bold look. Janhvi has won the hearts of fans with light makeup. Sharing a photograph on Instagram, Janhvi Kapoor captioned it as ‘Can’t wait to see you guys…’. Within hours of posting the photograph, more than five lakh people have liked it, while thousands have commented.

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