It was the ancient Indian sages who named the constellations of the night sky

by Ana Lopez

Brahmand Darshan -Dr. J. J. Rawal

In the night sky, south of Mriganakshatra is a very tall constellation. Her name is Vaitarani. Vaitarana also flows in the night sky. Garuda Purana has the story of Vaitarani. There was a very rich Sheth. He was as stingy as he was rich. Shethani was very generous and compassionate. When Adhikamsa came and was about to end, Shethani felt like donating a cow to a Brahmin. Sethani, who was married, expressed her desire to donate a cow to a Brahmin, but Seth refused with a needle. Now Shethani started to think that charity should be given to the poor Brahmin. She pitched an idea. Shethani asked Seth if she could make a gara (clay) cow and donate it to the Brahmin. So Seth said it is right. Gara’s cow does not have money, he can make Shethani himself. Then Sethani made a cow of gara (clay), but wanting to give charity to a poor Brahmin, buried three jewels deep in it, and donated the cow. The Seth was also pleased with this, the Brahmin also got a donation of three (gems) and the Sethani was satisfied.
Seth died in due course. According to the story of Hinduism, when a person dies, his soul goes to heaven, Shethani got his way to heaven. But before entering heaven, Vaitarana river comes on the way. The soul has to cross this river. If a human donates a cow, because a cow can swim in water. Holding its tail, the soul can cross the river Vaitarana and enter heaven. Seth’s soul came to the Vaitarana bank. Now he had to cross Vaitarana, we had not given him the gift of a cow. Seth’s soul stayed there, but Sethani had donated a clay cow so the clay cow stood in front of him. Seth agreed. He realized that now he can go to heaven. Seth then took hold of the clay cow’s tail and started crossing the river. Vaitarana river was huge. Seth started to cross the river. Because the cow was made of clay. So as the cow crossed the river. Similarly, the soil of the cow’s body was washed away. When the cow took Seth to the middle of the river, its clay was washed away so much that the three jewels that Sethani had buried in the body of the clay cow began to shine. The greedy Seth saw it and said that the Sethani hid three gems in a clay cow and donated them to the Brahmin. As soon as he said that, the cow’s tail fell from his hand and the greedy Sheth’s soul sank into the abyss.
The story of Seth-Shethani, Brahmin and Vaitarana is woven in the night sky.
There is a constellation in the northern sky. It’s too long. His name is Sheshnag. Right above the head of Sheshnag is the pole star and the entire universe revolves around the pole star. This view may have led the scholars of the East to believe that the whole earth is on the head of Seshnaga. If the Earth needs Seshnaga to stabilize, they did not ask the question whether Seshnaga needs anything to stabilize or not? Whether Seshnag needs space to stand or not. Although one has to believe that there is logic behind the stories of the Puranas, they are not completely absurd or illogical.
There is a small but beautiful constellation in the night sky. His name is Kirit. Kirit means crown. There are seven or eight jewel-like shining stars in this constellation. As if there were diamonds in the crown. There is an empty space in the middle of this necklace chain of sparkling gems. The story of that empty space is that seven or eight fairies used to dance in Vanrai at night. One day the prince passed by there. He saw this beautiful sight, he hid behind a tree and watched this sight for the whole night. The next day also he came there to see if the fairies had come to dance there. There was a flock of fairies.
Thus he watched the dancing of those fairies at night for almost a month. One of them fell in love with the fairy. Pari also fell in love with him. They both got married and then came to Rajmahal with Rajkunvar. That fairy left the company of fairies, her place became vacant. The empty space in that star cluster, that
is a fairy. In English this constellation is called Coma Berenices.
There is another small constellation in the night sky. It is called Arundhati Kesha. It is the Kesha scattered in the sky of the sage wife Arundhati. It is called Coma Baranisis in English.
In the astronomical northern hemisphere the constellations had names up to the north pole but in the astronomical southern hemisphere the constellations did not have names up to the south pole. Most astronomers have given them arcane names like micro telescopes etc. From this astronomers believe that the namesakes of the constellations of the night sky lived between 35 and 40 north latitude. They could not see the night sky around the South Pole. So they were unable to name the constellations around the South Pole. This shows that it was the ancient Indian sages who named the constellations of the night sky. In ancient times Indian sages were very skilled in mathematics and astronomy. He was also a master in science, weaponry, metaphysics, medicine, nuclear science, politics, economics, medicine etc. We have to carry on this bright tradition. He was very imaginative. Because the story of the Puranas they have created is amazing. The metaphors given in it have no equal in the world. He was also very advanced in logic.

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