It is necessary to know this to go to Salangpur to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti if you know this route for devotees who want to go to Salangpur to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti.

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During the festival of Hanuman Jayati, about 5 to 7 lakh devotees from the cities of Gujarat, rural areas and surrounding states come to Salangpur by road at the Salangpur Sri Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple. Due to which many routes have been changed.

During the Hanuman Jayanti festival on April 6, around 5 to 7 lakh devotees from the cities of Gujarat, rural areas and neighboring states are coming to Salangpur by road at the Salangpur Sri Kastabhanjan Hanumanji temple to prevent vehicular traffic problems and prevent road accidents. Road closures and vehicular traffic diversions have been provided for ease.

Changes in routes

Public roads will be closed for large vehicles from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm on April 6 in order to prevent vehicular accidents due to vehicular traffic congestion and maintain proper traffic regulation. A strict police arrangement has also been arranged to prevent any kind of incidents from happening.

The Botad Police Department has issued an announcement to ensure that vehicles do not wear out and have been changed in various routes. It is important that the people visiting the temple have to follow these rules.

Information about changes made to various routes

  • Vehicles coming from Ahmedabad-Dhandhuka-Barwala and Bhavnagar-Vallabhipur will have to pass through Keriyadhal-Lathidad-Jyotigram circle (Botad) to go towards Botad.
  • Vehicles going from Botad to Ahmedabad will have to pass through Botad-Ranpur Military Road via Ranpur-Dhandhuka.
  • Vehicles going from Botad to Barwala will have to pass through Sentli-Samdhiyala-Lathidad-Keria slope (SH-117).

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Entry ban on some routes of Botad

  • Entry will be prohibited from Barwala-Salangpur 7 point for vehicles going from Ahmedabad-Dhandhuka-Barwala and from Bhavnagar-Vallabhipur towards Salangpur-Botad.
  • The main road from Gunda Chowkdi to Bharwad Vasana Naka will be completely closed to vehicles and only pedestrian access will be allowed on this road.

Importantly, it has also been mentioned regarding emergency services that all the vehicles which are meant for emergency services have been exempted from the notification regarding this root ban. So that there will be no disturbance in emergency services.

Full preparations have been made by the police and the district administration to ensure that Hanuman Jayanti celebrations are completed in a peaceful atmosphere. On this day, people from different states are going to visit the temple at Salangpur Sri Kastabhanjan Hanumanji Temple. Work is being done by the temple administrators to make an excellent plan.

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