Is there still a woman behind every successful man?

by Ana Lopez

Focus – Abhimanyu Modi

Before starting the article, an information should be given that now twenty-third year of twenty-first century is going on. In this one sentence, the answer to the question asked in the title of the article came, whether only a woman is behind the success of a successful man or not? If a clear answer is not found in one sentence, then let’s discuss further. The custom of attributing a man’s success to a woman is centuries old. Many languages ​​have this saying. This is pronounced in different ceremonies. Mom or wife is often reminded of this ‘excuse’. The same thing is also parodied that a woman is behind a successful man but more than one woman is behind a failed man. Mostly this is true, logical. We have seen such examples, but in the year of two thousand and twenty-three, one thing would feel like neutrally evaluating whether, really, still, there is a woman’s hand behind every successful man?
To answer in short – yes, still. A man’s birth has the biggest hand in it. Then if the luck is good and the mother is able to raise the child well, then it is said to be a miraculous event. If that child can also imbibe the virtues given by his mother and take steps towards success, then his mother will be most blessed. It is possible that both mother and wife can encourage that man. If the child is a girl, most of the shaping is done by her parents. But we are only talking about men now, so let’s take his example. In order for the world to remember that a mother or a wife has sacrificed for a man’s work, it is said that a woman’s hand lies behind the success of a man, but by doing so, we leave the woman behind, right? The sense of sacrifice and dedication of women, out of guilt, may be noted but the message is that women are meant to be sacrificed. In addition, a man needs a woman’s back-up. Now this needs to be reconsidered.
Abhinav Bindra. Gold medalist Olympic athlete. A world-beating champion in rifle shooting. His father is Lakshadhipati. Abhinav took acres upon acres of land for his practice and provided him with world class coaching. As a result, Abhinav was able to practice very well and bring home gold for India. Saina Nehwal or PV Sindhu – her parents used to come to make her practice. Her parents worked hard for their daughters to excel in sports. The film Dangal is based on the struggle of a father, how a father becomes a wrestler despite being cruel to his daughters. Whether it is a man or a woman, the man’s hand is the main factor behind his success. So what to do with this saying?
Let’s talk about big names. Let’s put the celebrity aside and look around us. A list of people who have succeeded in their lives will float before the eyes. Business persons, doctors, lawyers, CAs, foreign set up people etc. Half of them would be sitting on their father’s ready cushion. Professional inheritance is common among doctors and businesses. A lawyer or CA also has the same legacy. Children may take a different name than their father in the same field. A doctor’s son becomes a doctor and a new generation of permanent patients come to show the new junior doctor. May this tradition continue. Children can be seen preparing for government jobs in government servants’ homes. If the father is a politician, let the boy get set somewhere with acquaintance. Among the farmers, the grandfather’s work has been taken over by new generations for years. So it is said that his father’s hand is behind the success of a person in that field or not? What is wrong in saying that men are responsible for success? No, because it is the truth. So women have no contribution?
The fact is that this is the twenty-first century. In earlier times, when a warrior went to fight, his wife would spend all the time praying for his old age. There was a time when the man worked day and night and his wife sat at home doing the labor-work of giving birth to their children. Eight-ten-fifteen children together were common. If Ghurial is a scientist, he is in the laboratory all day and his wife takes care of the house. If there is a worker working in a factory, his wife will tolerate the violent behavior of her husband while drinking. If there is a farmer, he goes to give him tiffin and labors in the field. This time is gone. Now women have come to the front. Even a man cannot move forward with the help of a woman alone. He also works hard, he also has many personal problems.
Now whether a man or a woman, if he succeeds, he has more than one hand behind him. His teachers also came in it, mom and dad also came, friends also came, social media chat friends also came and in-laws too. Even if the mother gives enough time to the child, the child starts learning from YouTube to the whole world from the age of three. So it is not determined which one particular factor forms the child. There are many factors that shape a man from childhood and his hard work plus luck make him successful. A

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