Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

by Ana Lopez

To leave on Xbox would be a nice treat for those who like to play JRPGs on the platform. However, Square Enix has discounted those gamers in the past Final Fantasy XVI going exclusive to PlayStation. Is doing To leave follow the same path? Keep reading to find out if you can play To leave on Xbox.

Can you play Forspoken on Xbox?

Pronounced Xbox

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Image via Square Enix

To leave is an exciting new generation game where you cast spells and fly through the air with Faye’s parkour skills. Sadly, Xbox gamers will be left out of the experience as To leave is a PlayStation exclusive title Like it War god Ragnarok and The last of us part 1. However, we know that the console exclusivity window will last until January 23, 2025. To leave however, will be available to play on PC.

kidney automata, previously a PlayStation exclusive, was ported over a year after its launch on Xbox, including all post-release DLC. It’s also now on the Nintendo Switch. Maybe there will be an edition with all DLC or upgraded features on Xbox leave, but that has not been confirmed. FinalFantasy 16 also not coming to Xbox.

Games like Forspoken

Nier Automata Xbox

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That is certainly disappointing To leave is not on Xbox at the time of writing. However, there are many games on the platform that are worth checking out while you wait, such as the one mentioned above Kidney automatons. It has an intriguing storyline, solid combat mechanics, and an overall engaging post-apocalyptic world to explore.

If you’re looking for an engaging JRPG to play, check out both Stories of creation and Scarlet Nexus on Xbox systems. They both have fantastic combat systems, interesting stories to tell, and stunning anime-inspired visuals to admire.

Finally, you can check out Final Fantasy XV. This game was developed by Luminous Productions, who also worked on it To leave actually. It has an emotional story to tell as you play as a prince who travels around the world in a car with his friends. The combat is action-packed and the game has plenty of heart-wrenching moments with bosses.

That’s all you need to know about whether you can play Forspoken on Xbox. Keep reading GGRecon for more Forspoken guides.

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