IPL 2023: Snakes are more dangerous than bowlers or batsmen in this cricket field! Know complete details including previous video – Snake threat in ipl 2023 Rajasthan Royals second home ground Barsapara stadium Video RR Vs PBKS

by Ana Lopez

IPL 2023: The clash between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings is going to be played at the stadium where snakes are the biggest threat. This ground is the second home ground of Rajasthan Royals.

IPL 2023 The 8th match is to be played in Assam on Wednesday. Rajasthan Royals have chosen Guwahati’s Baraspara Stadium as their second home ground. But this plain is more debated about snakes than Rajasthan. Here stray snakes come out in the field. Due to which incidents of creating hurdles in the match also come up. The clash between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings is scheduled to take place at the Baraspara ground on Wednesday, although there are concerns that the threat of snakes is greater than the threat of batsmen and bowlers in the clash between these two teams to be played here.

Thus, high scoring matches are usually seen on this ground. Here the batsmen are usually seen washing the bowlers. Although this ground is more in discussion about the snake than the rain of runs, here the snake is seen in the ongoing match. Last year, a snake was seen running on the field while an international match was being played here.

A snake was seen in the IND vs SA match

The incident of snake coming out in an international match was seen here. Last October, the South African team visited India. Meanwhile, the T20 match between India and South Africa was played in Baraspara. Meanwhile, a poisonous snake came out in the field. The snake was convulsed to come out. The players were also shocked when snakes started running on the field during the ongoing match. The ground staff rushed to remove the snake from the ground and after a long effort, the snake was removed from the ground.

The Sri Lankan team toured India last January. Meanwhile, an international match was played between India and Sri Lanka. However, special arrangements were made to prevent a repeat of the match against South Africa. Anti-snake chemical was sprayed before the match. However, after that, no update has come out about the efforts made by the Assam Cricket Association regarding the IPL match.

Rajasthan’s second home ground

Baraspara Stadium has been chosen by Rajasthan Royals as their second home ground even though there are frequent incidents of snake coming out here. The reason Rajasthan is doing this is because it is trying to promote cricket in North East India. Assam Cricket Association has thanked Rajasthan for this.

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