In Rekha’s life, there was probably no permanent male suitor

by Ana Lopez

Film Name – Naresh Shah

First Jeetendra, then Vinod Mehra, then Kirankumar and then above all Amitabh Bachchan, even in the veiled Rekha, Maa Pushpavalli-like passion was pulsating. The fire of being someone’s wife and living with his surname was finally resolved. After Mukander Ka Sikandar, the relationship with Amitabh Bachchan was left behind. Rekha was now talking about falling out with personal friends (her film career had also taken a nosedive). One such personal friend from Delhi, well-known fashion designer Bina Ramani received a call on Rekha one day. She wanted to talk about Rekha with a fan. Instead of talking, Rekha took the fan’s number. His name is Mukesh Aggarwal. A newly-rich businessman from Delhi. Enthusiast of glamor world. He made Deepti Naval his sister. Fursade Rekha called Mukesh Aggarwal and…
Mukesh Agarwal went to Owari on the line. After one or two meetings, both were ready to get married. What if a heroine whose name is linked to the Millennium star breaks promises? Mukesh Agarwal must have felt such a fear, so the line after the proposal gave a positive sign that he talked about getting married immediately. Even so, every celebrity has the temptation to be in the headlines and what kind of earthquake will the news of such a surprise marriage create? Along with a common friend, Rekha and Mukesh Agarwal set out to find the temple. A temple was found, but there was no priest. The ISKCON temple in Juhu was crowded. The Mukteswar Devalaya temple near ISKCON looked fine but it was already 10 pm and the temple was closed.
Fortunately, the priest lived in the room next to the temple. He was woken up and prepared for marriage. Seeing the actress Rekha in front of the eyes, you can understand the mentality of that priest. He breaks the rules of the temple (the priest named Sanjay was later expelled) and arranges the marriage and Bhanurekha gets a new name: Rekha Agarwal. It was the night of March 4, 1990… Exactly seven months later, on October 2, 1990, Mukesh Aggarwal was going to commit suicide by hanging himself from a fan in his farm house and everyone was going to consider actress Rekha as a witch. Some were going to call her a national vamp and Rekha’s image was going to deteriorate to such an extent that the film Bharat Ki Beti had to be released under the name Phool Bane Angare. The entire film industry was about to lose its cool.
Blinded by the glare of glamour, not all people are aware of what is happening in the dark, so conclusions tend to overpower decisions. Even so, the image of actress Rekha was already in the popular mind of bold and bold as well as loose character. His relationship with Chanekhune secretary and Sakhi Farzana was also a constant source of controversy, only to become more intense after Mukesh Agarwal’s suicide. Line by line: Yasir Usman, author of The Untold Story, weaves together the scattered threads of this incident to give us a rough picture. According to this, Mukesh Aggarwal, who was married to Rekha for 36 years, was already suffering from depression and was being treated by a lady doctor named Anand Bajaj. Such things were not open in a hasty marriage without lengthy interrogation but Rekha came to know during the honeymoon that Mukesh Aggarwal was taking medication for depression regularly…
Like Rekha, Mukesh Aggarwal also had a soft corner named AB (Anita Bajaj) in his life who also opened up to Rekha during the honeymoon… but Rekha did not notice her. He started living Mumbai-Delhi life. On the weekend, Delhi was with Mukesh.
However, within two-four months, Rekha realized that Mukesh was only interested in her glamorous image. During the weekend, Rakhi used to impress the guest with the status of Rekha. Then he would insist to Rekha to introduce him to so-and-so VIPs, which would benefit the business… Ubharaos have the nature of calming down and dissolving. Rekha understood and stopped going to Delhi. He also stopped receiving calls from Mukesh Aggarwal or his sister-in-law. Once, Mukesh came to Mumbai with his sister-in-law and reached Rekha’s house, but instead of Rekha, he faced secretary Farzana. Rekha had made up her mind to separate. His lawyer also sent the related papers. Now there was a court case so Rekha went to New York for one of her shows. Just then…
Mukesh Agarwal committed suicide in a farm house in Delhi. People’s outrage was such that after coming to India, Rekha did not even go to her in-laws to meet her husband. The film Sheshanag released in the same period was washed away. Deepti Navale, who considers Mukesh Aggarwal a brother, told editor Nishi Prem: Me
Mukesh saw Farzana crying on the phone. Please let me talk to her (Rekha) she pleads… I am not saying that mistakes will be only Rekha’s. (Mukesh would also be guilty) But Rekha needed to be a little sensitive towards him.
But perhaps no permanent man was written by destiny in Rekha’s life. Even father Gemini Ganesan was not with her when she needed it, and none of those men stayed with her forever when she wanted it. Vinod Mehra could not stand up to mother Kamala Mehra’s insistence when Jeetendra left her for Sobha. Kirankumar’s family also did not allow Rekha to join the family due to the fear of Rekha’s past. Even in the case of the superstar, Bachchan’s culture and thinking ultimately came in the way. Only Rekha was left, alone. Yes, Farzana seems to be with her for life as there is no more work, yet Rekha still keeps her with her as a secretary.

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