If you run a business, you need to manage passwords

by Ana Lopez

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Working your way up to starting your own business is challenging, so it makes sense that many early startups are lean in terms of size and resources. While an IT team may be limited, the need for security and reliability remains as important as ever.

Enter Dashlane. Dashlane helps streamline data security for businesses of all sizes. It’s a password management platform trusted by over 20,000 businesses – and for good reason: Dashlane keeps users’ data private and secure with best-in-class security.

Dashlane encrypts all customer data with AES-256 encryption, the first open encryption approved by the NSA and made available to the public. protects information on a “Top Secret” level. Dashlane also uses ARGON2, advanced cryptography features, and automatic user vault updates to keep your data as safe as possible.

When you build your team with Dashlane, you save time and energy with easy deployment, end-to-end protection, and compatibility with G Suite, Microsoft, and several other identity providers. You also receive proactive breach notifications for everyone in your organization and can ensure maximum protection through effortless 2FA enforcement.

There are many examples of how your Dashlane membership can save you and your business time. Dashlane lets you access and manage all your passwords in one place. You can share unlimited passwords without actually revealing them, and easily access accounts with seamless autofill features. A user can also store financial, medical, and personal information in their Dashlane vault.

With a record that has never been broken, Dashlane maintains an impressive average of 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot from over 4,000 reviews and 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store from over 175,000 reviews. It was also named App of the Day in the App Store.

For more specific success stories, visit Dashlane’s website and learn how it has helped organizations such as Grace Medical, which reported that it accelerated access to its systems by 60 percent after sign-up, while improving both cybersecurity posture and HIPAA compliance. You can also enjoy the excellent case study chronicle how Dashlane helped RevGenius reduce offboarding risks.

Want to try Dashlane for your business? Start a free trial today.

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