If you have played such songs on Holi, then you are not doing well…

by Ana Lopez

With the countdown days to Holi, songs are often played over loud speakers in preparation for the festival. People celebrate this festival of colors by painting each other with songs and music. But this time, the police administration has taken a strict stand on the issue of playing obscene songs on Holi.
Playing such songs has been banned from Shivratri to Holi. This order has been announced by the Bihar Police for the entire state.
Bihar Police has warned that stern action will be taken against those playing obscene songs, keeping in mind the festive atmosphere leading up to Mahashivratri on Saturday and Holi coming up three weeks later. During these days, various areas will be patrolled by the police and action will be taken against those playing obscene songs that hurt anyone’s sentiments.
It may be mentioned that recently a letter was sent by the Special Branch to the police officers of all the districts and in this letter it is stated that strict action has been ordered against those who play songs with caste and communal lyrics. Apart from this, songs with ambiguous words in the Bhojpuri language spoken in the state cause inconvenience to the people.

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