If something is forgotten in the journey of life, it can be reminded by blowing a whistle

by Ana Lopez

Aur Ye Mausam Hansin…-Deval Shastri

The car is calling, whistling
Chalana hi zindagi hai, Chalani hi rahi hai
According to global data, 70% of 18 to 29 year olds have a social media account. 77% of those aged 30 to 40, 73% of those aged 50 to 64 and 50% of those over 65 have a social media account. Gives time in social media. Who are reader friends through news papers and other media. All these friends felt like asking a question, when was the last whistle blown? Remember the whistle? Even suddenly when you try, you will realize that once upon a time good songs were sung by whistling, today that sound has disappeared from the mouth, whistling was not just a sound but it was a sign of happiness, joy. Now at eleven o’clock in the night, the security guards are blowing the whistle while closing the gardens in the cities. Rest now the whistle is forgotten.
Thus, whistling is considered a male-dominated activity. Women were prevented from whistling as it was considered an indecent activity. Yes, whistling can improve a person’s mood or tell what mood they are in.
We elders there believed that whistling is inauspicious. However, the belief of inauspiciousness is present in many countries of the world. Whistleblowing anywhere can cause harm. In 1786, the French Pellier whistled as Louis XVI’s wife Marie Antoinette passed by and Pellier was imprisoned. We have had fights over whistling there too.
Whistling in public is prohibited on the island from eleven at night to seven in the morning, whether a performer in an island folk dance or a social gathering or a pub noise whistle is common.
Even so, now that it’s spring and Valentine’s time, enthusiasts may be spotted whistling to express their love. Yes, whistling allows a person to express feelings and get rid of boring tasks, but in incidents like molestation, whistling plays a major role. The basic thing is to understand where and to whom to blow the whistle. Yes, shrill whistling is also torturous.
Whistling also has positive physical, mental and emotional benefits. Whistleblowing seems to be a dying art in our modern society. Do you whistle these days, let alone others? Have you heard other people whistling around you?
Many of us used to whistle while reminiscing. Years ago, almost every second man whistled. Even a man doing physical labor was relieved by such whistling.
Especially in TV shows, movies and songs of the 70s and 80s, whistling was regularly seen.
Now the sound of people whistling has disappeared from modern life. In one survey, about seventy percent of people say that people whistle less today than they did two or three decades ago. Who took the pleasure of the innocent whistle? Handy technology… that joy has gone away with mobiles in everyone’s hands. Observe the common laborer who prefers to enjoy watching videos, while the student class uses earphones and portable music players. All these classes are more interested in ready-made technology than their own music.
Whistling is actually an art form, which requires practice, discipline and skill. When was the last time you whistled? Try it today and give it a selfie! People will sense your cool mood.
We are talking about two words related to Gujarati language, whistle and whistle. Speaking of whistles first, whistles appeared in China five thousand years ago. The whistle reached Europe four thousand years later, filling the need for a distinct sound in the Han Dynasty when soldiers and civilians died during battles or in the event of an attack. Whistles were made from bird bones in the twelfth century, progressing to sugarcane stalks by the eighteenth-nineteenth century.
As late as 1843, wooden whistles were made, and in the 1870s special whistles came to give orders to ship’s crews. In the year 1884, Joseph Hudson of England revolutionized the whistle, in which pea seeds were used in the whistle. This technique was liked by the London police and in 1914 the whistle that can be called modern came. Until 1878, referees used flags in sports like football. The whistle was used for the first time in a match between Nottingham Forest and the English football team. A whistle that can be used in the water to save life with a life jacket was such a one and a half hundred year old modern whistle in the traffic police or school parade, but who remembers it in a busy life? Remember, where and when heard the whistle? Do the lesson today. Go out on a long drive once in a while, find a secluded spot on the road and blow a red-and-yellow plastic whistle with a loud bang, a party will ensue. It will be fun to get out of the world of social media.
By the way, if you do a little research, you will find that there are so many types of whistles? There were whistles with long six holes, metal whistles, plain plastic old train whistles and special whistles for car songs like ‘Citi Baja Rahi Hai’ or classic film songs like ‘Pakiza’. In the factory, a ‘dog whistle’ whistle with a different frequency is used for dog training. Since ages humans have been communicating with dogs by whistling. You can also convince the dog to sit and be quiet by whistling.
The traffic police dresses were designed to be accompanied by whistles. Remember the whistle of the pressure cooker? More than forty types
There is an estimate of the whistle. Yes, the stomach has a different whistle when it feels hungry.
Yes, a type of whistle is the art of hand-whistling. A sweet melodious whistle made by bending the lips into an ‘O’ shape, especially played by young children playing with the tongue attached to the lower teeth. Many songs were sung on this whistle. A loud whistle is played by putting two fingers of both hands under the tongue from the lips. Aggressive whistle played by joining the thumb and forefinger in a round shape and placing it on the tongue. Whistling with the tongue stuck to the palate
There is only one rule of the whistle, in the presence of which one should like to play and there should be mood and atmosphere. If the wife is busy in the kitchen and goes to experiment with the whistle, the situation can become explosive. Know Your Risk… Else…
The End:
Push by push, train by train
There is a crowd so far Dil Hai Akela
When sad, whistling
But don’t be fooled
says Joker

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