I have to prove myself…

by Ana Lopez

That’s all for today – Shobhit Desai

Rivals competed in the water
There was no strength, weakness appeared
Nadan river to measure sea level
Gaj took his own and got lost
– Maris
This is exactly what happened during the last two Sundays. I set out to measure the true Mahatma… but the yard fell short. Thus it was possible to change a yard of rubber instead of metal to make long short, in Khayfakhsh short long… But the broken idols of Somnath and looted ornaments did not let Ghazni sleep in the last years. A was staring at the ceiling with desperate eyes. So… Let yards be yards, with no play, and… Another truth also realized is that there is plenty of time now, which is passing with ease. So in such a time, first of all I should check myself with a yardstick… then measure others… and then measure the Mahatma again… that would be a task for a palmer! So the curtain falls on 30 January 1948…
I was under the illusion that there are two people
Looking back, I have many friends
A wonderful life, got that too without asking
Tears, sadness, grief are his compliments.
Brahmaviharidas, a Bhagwadhari saint of the Swaminarayan sect, has made a fine point in an oil on ‘Safety and Nitimatta’. ‘Whenever human values ​​are put at the center, materialization is automatic… You must all have heard of the famous American company Alcoa Aluminum Corporation. Elcova, the world’s largest aluminum manufacturing company with a presence in 40 countries, employed two lakh people. The company fell into disrepair… loss upon loss upon loss… for years on and on. There is no sign of improvement in the situation. The board of directors decided to fill the company with new consciousness. He decided to take on a new, energizing purpose for the company, for a complete change—to set and achieve new goals. In 1987, he appointed Paul O’Neill as the company’s surveyor. The first meeting was held with Paul, with all the directors and major investors, one hope to all that this new, young Paul O’Neill would quickly bring the company back to its old, top position. All the meetings were waiting for heavy presentations with lots of paperwork etc. equipped with statistical magic. Their noses and ears were becoming more and more eager to smell the word profit. And how many times would you believe the meeting lasted? Barely ten minutes!!! No paper, no bag, no attache. An undaunted Paul O’Neill stands up and says simply: ‘There is only one thing that matters to me for Elkowa: safety, absolute absolute safety. I have discovered that injuries from lack of safety eat up two days out of every hundred days. I want to bring the loss of two days to the factory to zero. Today we are not going to discuss anything other than safety.’ One asked: ‘When and how will profit start?’ Immediately Paul spoke: ‘My only profit is safety. This meeting ends here.’ After the meeting, some directors went to their respective investors and said: ‘Oh God! This is someone who got lucky! We got stuck….’ Paul O’Neill immediately drew up the draft: ‘If an accident occurs in any department of the company and a worker dies, the manager will immediately be given the water. If anyone gets hurt, report it to me immediately. I will take care of him personally, give him double salary for the days he cannot work, and deduct the extra salary from the manager’s salary. No matter who is at fault, injury should not exist in our factory. A new practice arose in Elkova. Practice without injury. As Elcowa’s factories became unemployed, Paul gave the entire staff a uniform pay raise. The small and medium laborers started to feel a great hope that we have someone in the top row, who fights for us… worries about us…. Concerned about our personal lives. Just then… the commitment increased manifold, the injuries completely disappeared and the company made a profit of 8500 crore rupees in the very first year!!! Due to Paul O’Neill’s actions, when Paul left Elcova, the company was valued at two lakh 30 thousand crore rupees!!! A living example of how much difference just one man’s ideology can make.
May I ask you that? Why would I put this issue on the fourth day after Modisaheb addressed the Lok Sabha?!
That’s all for today….


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