I have proposed the marriage of my sister Ashokasundari to your son Nahush, son of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati, Ganesha.

by Ana Lopez

Shiva Rahasya-Bharat Patel

Synopsis till last week: Mata Parvati appears there at Daruka’s invocation and immediately Daruka takes Mata Parvati’s blessings and says: ‘Mother you give boons and Mahadev stops such boons before completion, what work are you pleased with my penance, I Mahadev got angry saying that I am fulfilling the boon you gave. Mother this is an insult to your boon.’ Seeing her boon going the wrong way, Mother Parvati says, ‘You have insulted my boon, not Mahadev, but you drunkard. You are going to exploit human beings by using my boon as a means of exploitation, whatever is happening here today is the result of your selfishness. You have caused suffering to these human beings and made the condition of these asuras miserable. Your hidden desire to establish your supremacy amidst the work of world welfare has been exposed. You have also tried to insult Mahadev in this chapter.’ Realizing the truth, the drunkard seeks forgiveness from mother Parvati and Lord Shiva.
Showing the right path to the drunkard, Lord Shiva says, ‘By hard work we get food and food satisfies our hunger, the purpose of life is not only to satisfy hunger, the purpose of human life is to get closer to God and that is possible only through the development of the soul and the soul. Development is possible only through meditation, contemplation, devotion and satsang. This development of the soul takes man from his humanity to divinity, so do not understand that he who does not toil is lazy. How can you forget that you also did penance to get boons. Will the world consider your penance an example of laziness? As much effort is done for physical purposes, much more effort and hardship is in spiritual works, one has to give up one’s selfishness for the sake of world welfare, one has to concentrate on one’s worship, the four main pillars of life are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The importance of all four is same. It is not appropriate to abandon these four for the sake of self-interest only. Admitting one’s mistake requires courage, Daruka, admit your mistake and seek Parvati’s forgiveness. Lord Shiva apologizing to Daruka says, this region is populated by Parvati’s boon, so I will reside here as Nageshwar Jyotirlinga. Here the darshan of this Jyotirlinga will destroy the poison of the mind, go drunkard destroy the poison of your mind and join the welfare of the world.’ Lord Shiva restores the Daruka forest to its rightful place after Daruka indulges in penance after receiving the blessings of Devadhideva.
Mother Parvati: ‘Swami you stopped my boon from becoming a curse.’
Lord Shiva: ‘No Parvati, if you had not given the boon, then the people of the world would not have had a dispute about the importance of hard work and spiritual works, and if there had not been a dispute, then our devotees would not have understood the importance of hard work and God. Your boon will set an excellent example for the people of the world. This boon of yours was indispensable for the welfare of the world.’
At the same time Lord Ganesha arrives there.
Lord Ganesha: ‘Pranam Pitaji, Pranam Mata. I am alone here on Kailas, both my brothers and sisters are doing their duty away from me. As a brother, it is my duty to get my sister married.’
Mother Parvati: ‘Ganesha do you know? What is your son doing?’
Lord Ganesha: ‘No mother.’
Mother Parvati: ‘Your sister Ashokasundari is doing penance to marry Nahush, son of King Ayu of Purvanchal, seeking to please Nahush through penance and obtain him.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘So mother, should I understand that sister Ashokasundari will come here as Ashokasundari is betrothed by Nahush.’
Mother Parvati: ‘Sure son, Ashokasundari will come here to Kailas only after her penance is successful, that is, after she is selected by Nahush.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘Then I must first go to Purvanchal and propose to King Ayu the marriage of Ashokasundari with his son Nahush.’
Lord Shiva: ‘Sure son, go to Purvanchal and present your proposal to King Ayu to marry Ashokasundari with Nahush.’
Mother Parvati: ‘Swami this work is for seniors and Ganesha is still a child.’
Lord Shiva: ‘No Parvati, Ganesha needs a child but he has the intelligence of the Sahasra gods, don’t worry bless Ganesha and send him away.’
Lord Ganesha departs from there with the blessings of Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva.
As soon as he reaches Purvanchal, Lord Ganesha sees a beautiful palace. As they entered the palace, the gatekeeper saw them
Gatekeeper: ‘Wait kid, who are you? This is King Ayu’s palace, no one is allowed to enter here.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘I know this is the palace of King Ayu, I have come to meet his son Nahush.’
Gatekeeper: ‘Prince Nahush doesn’t have time to meet common people like you, get out of here…’
Lord Ganesha: ‘You are saying this because you don’t know me, I don’t consider it an insult to me.’
Gatekeeper: ‘Child, understand that this is your insult and what will you do after being insulted? This child has the pride of an elephant’s head. Go from here, we are still politely explaining.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘You are insulting me but I will not take offense. I know that ego comes after being a gatekeeper. I am here to marry my son to Prince Nahush. Go at once and inform Raja Ayu of my arrival.’
Gatekeeper: ‘Go away child, only King Maharaja can propose marriage here.’
Lord Ganesha, who does not believe the gatekeeper even after many pleas, warns him that:
Lord Ganesha: ‘Now you will be responsible for the result to come.’ Saying this, Lord Ganesha got angry and knocked his right foot on the ground, causing the earth to tremble.
A panicked doorman rushes to the palace and reaches the Raj Sabha
Raja Ayu: ‘Why is this stream shaking, what happened.’
Gatekeeper: ‘Maharaj a child has come to the gate of the town and says he wants to meet King Ayu, the child looks very strange, the body is human but the head is elephant.’
Raja Ayu: ‘Only one child in the entire creation has the head of an elephant and that is Lord Ganesha, the son of our adorable mother Parvati and Lord Shiva. Maharani Kalavati Let us welcome her at the gates of the town.
King Ayu and Maharani go to the gate of the town to welcome Lord Ganesha and invite him to accept hospitality.
Lord Ganesha: ‘Sorry Rajan, we are partial, we don’t even accept water from sister’s house.’
Maharani Kalavati: ‘You are the son of our adored Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, why are you saying this, we cannot understand you. Explain in detail.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘Maharani Kalavati I have proposed the marriage of my sister Ashokasundari to your son Nahush, son of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati, Ganesha.’
Raja Ayu: ‘Your proposal is very beautiful but first you meet Prince Nahush.’
Lord Ganesha and King Ayu with his cabinet go to meet Prince Nahush, Lord Ganesha sees a child as young as himself playing some sport. Maharani Kalavati introducing Nahush to Lord Ganesha says, ‘Look this is my son Nahush, he is not yet of marriageable age, your sister will have to wait.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘Nahush’s age is not suitable for marriage, but if Nahush meets my sister Ashoksundari and accepts the marriage proposal, that’s all. The time will come to get married.’
Nahush: ‘I accept your proposal let’s meet Ashoksundari.’
King Ayu, Maharani Kalavati, Nahush and Mantrigana approach Ashokasundari with Lord Ganesha.
Nahush: ‘Open your eyes beautiful Ashoka, I am pleased with your penance Nahush.’
Ashoksundari feels happy seeing Nahush.
Nahush: ‘I have proposed my marriage to you, we will get married when we are of marriageable age. Do you accept my proposal.’
Accepting Nahush’s marriage proposal, Ashokasundari seeks the blessings of Nahush, King Ayu and Maharani Kalavati.
Raja Ayu: ‘Daughter, we have come here at the request of your brother Ganesha.’
Ashokasundari: ‘Brother Ganesha.’
Ashokasundari is overjoyed to see Lord Ganesha and embraces him.
Lord Ganesha and Ashokasundari reach Kailas with joy. Seeks the blessings of Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva.
Ashokasundari: ‘Brother Ganesha, you have done great work at such a young age, what shall I gift you.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘Sister you give me sister’s heart is the best gift.’
Ashokasundari: ‘Brother Ganesha, bring your hand, I tie you a raksha doro, any sister who ties a raksha doro to a brother today, that brother will be protected forever.’
(From that day till today the people of Sansara celebrate Raksha Bandhan.) (Gramash:)U

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