How to unlock the Wind-up Godbert minion in Final Fantasy XIV

by Ana Lopez

In the recent Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 update, astute data miners spotted a Wind-up Godbert minion in the data files. However, the minion could not be unlocked immediately upon the release of the patch. Here’s how to unlock the Wind-up Godbert minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

Unlock Wind Up Godbert Minion in FFXIV

The method of obtaining the Wind-up Godbert has not been confirmed. However, there are two theories. The first is that it’s part of the leaked seasonal event, Make it Rain 2023, which. The annual Make it Rain event gives players a large amount of bonus gold at the Manderville Gold Saucer. And this year, it’s theorized you’ll also receive a Wind-up Godbert as part of the event. But this would mean the minion was added several months earlier, according to the patch’s predictions and event schedule.

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The second theory is that the Wind-up Godbert minion will be part of the Manderville Relic Weapon quest line that began in Patch 6.25 and will continue in Patch 6.35. This would make sense if the minion’s data is included in the 6.3 patch update.

However, none of these methods are confirmed. We’ll update this article with the details of the unlock method for this minion as soon as event details or Manderville Relic Weapon quests are revealed in future patch notes or announcements!

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