How to unlock all outfits in Fire Emblem Engage

by Ana Lopez

Enable fire emblem outfits are a great way to personalize your hero. Enable fire emblem lets you play as Alear, a divine dragon, but much of who they are and what they look like is up to you. Outfits are a great way to express yourself through your character, and there are many to choose from. Here’s how to unlock all outfits Enable fire emblem.

Fire Emblem Engage Outfits: DLC Outfits

Fire Emblem Engage Outfits: Some of the outfits available as DLC

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There are a handful of outfits that can be obtained through paid DLC. If you’re looking for new looks in a hurry and you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket, this might be an idea for you.

Purchasing the Expansion Pass gives you instant access to some new cosmetic items. Those items include:

  • Rare set (for both male and female units)
  • Frill belt (accessory)
  • Round specs (accessory)
  • Large ribbon (accessory)
  • Single earring (accessory)

While nothing has been announced yet, more DLC cosmetics should be coming in the future, so stay tuned.

Fire Emblem Engage Outfits: Unlockable outfits

Fire Emblem Engage Outfits: A visit to the boutique in the Somniel

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If you don’t like paying extra for cosmetic items, don’t worry as the vast majority of clothing items in the game can be purchased using in-game currency. To do this, you just need to go to the boutique in the Somniel. The boutique becomes available after Chapter 6, so once you progress far enough, you can talk to Pinet to change clothes.

Not only can you change your own look in the Boutique, but also the outfits of your allies. These outfit changes only apply in the Somniel, but you can make huge changes to your look and theirs. You only need to buy the bronze, silver or gold garments.

Fire Emblem Engage Outfits: Amiibo Outfits

Fire Emblem Engage Outfits: Outfits obtained by scanning Amiibo based on previous Fire Emblem characters

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As usual with Nintendo games, you can use Amiibo to unlock things in your games. In case of Enable Fire Emblem, you can get new outfits and extra music by scanning Amiibo. To do this, go to the Amiibo Gazebo at the Somniel and interact with it. Press Scan and follow the instructions to scan your Amiibo. You can only scan five Amiibo per 24 hours, so be sure to scan your favorites first.

When you scan Amiibo, you get a fashion ticket or a music ticket. You can then go to the Outfits menu in the Amiibo Gazebo to use your Fashion Tickets to unlock outfits. The outfits you can get with Amiibo are:

  • Marth style
  • Celica style
  • Sigurd style
  • Leif style
  • Roy style
  • Lyn style
  • Ike style
  • Micah style
  • Lucina style
  • Corrin style
  • Byleth style
  • Eirika style

Once they are unlocked, you can visit the Boutique to equip your Amiibo outfits.

Those are the ways to unlock all the outfits in Fire Emblem Engage. For more tips, check out our guide on how to change the difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage.

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