How to solve the Weathered Obelisk puzzle in Liloupar’s Cell in Genshin Impact

by Ana Lopez

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As you make your way through The Dirge of Bilqis World Quest in Genshin Impact, you eventually free Liloupar, a djinn in a bottle, from her cell tree. The tree dies after you do this, but this change in scenery will reveal an optional Weathered Obelisk puzzle that you can solve with a deluxe chest as a reward. Here’s how to fix it.

What symbols to use in the Weathered Obelisk puzzle at Liloupar’s Cell in Genshin Impact

To solve this puzzle, you need to illuminate three Dendro pillars around the tree. Two of them are locked by Weathered Obelisk puzzles. The third is only unlocked after defeating a sacred beast.

In Weathered Obelisk Puzzles you are challenged by a set of brown bricks with flashing symbols on them. You need to find a matching set of obelisks hidden nearby. A stationary series of runes is depicted on these obelisks. After finding the stationary symbols, return to the obelisks with flashing symbols. Attack the obelisks with flashing symbols to change the displayed symbol until the symbols on the flashing obelisks match those on the obelisks with stationary symbols.

The first Dendro pillar is located near the entrance to the cave in which Liloupar’s Cell is located. It is surrounded by three obelisks with flashing symbols pointing to the pillar. By destroying the bushes around this pillar, you can clearly see all three obelisks. The matching stationary set rests in the crumbling walls across the cobbled path.

If you don’t want to remember them, the three symbols pictured below. They resemble wavesa snakeand three dots. Attack the obelisks around the pillar to unlock it, then apply Dendro to the unlocked pillar to illuminate it.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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The second Dendro pillar is to the right of the large, dead tree that was Liloupar’s Cell. The flashing obelisks you need to change the symbols on are to the left of that pillar. And the stationary obelisks are on the far right of the Dendro pillar, surrounding a smaller dead tree. Again, the symbols you need to show are pictured below. They look from left to right two dots and a snakea beautiful hand climbing a triangle. Light up the second Dendro pillar after unlocking it.

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The third Dendro pillar is behind Liloupar’s Cell and slightly to the right. As you approach it a Sacred Scorpio will appear. Defeat it to unlock the pillar and apply Dendro to it to make it light up. Once all three pillars are lit up, the luxury chest appears in front of the entrance to Liloupar’s old cell.

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