How to sell fake weed in BitLife

by Ana Lopez

One of the main objectives of the Hustling Herbalist challenge in BitLife is to sell fake weed to more than 25 people and an agent. To do this, you must first become a scammer in BitLife and unlock the Fake Weed scam.

How to become a scammer in BitLife

To become a scammer in BitLife, you need to purchase the Jobs Pack DLC from the game store. At the time of writing, the package is sold for $4.99 on both Apple and Play Store.

Once you have the Jobs Pack, go to the Special Careers section of the Jobs tab and select the Street Hustler option. Click on any street below and choose the button for scammers. That’s all you have become a scammer in BitLife.

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How to Unlock the Fake Weed Scam in BitLife

After becoming a scammer, the next step is to unlock the Fake Weed scam in BitLife. Being an advanced scam, you can only access this scam method after leveling up your basic scam game. Run for this beginner until intermediateLevel scams repeatedly until you unlock the advanced scam menu. It should probably happen after that 5 until 8 years after becoming a con artist. Once you have access, use the Fake Weed scam under the menu on 25 people to complete one of the objectives in the Hustling Herbalist challenge.

How to sell fake weed to an agent in BitLife

The other mission in the challenge is to sell fake weed to a cop. To do this, click on the People on your street option under the Work Activities tab. Now look for an agent and run the Fake Weed Scam. If you have successfully tricked the agent, complete the prescribed objective in the challenge.

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