How to search containers under the effects of blow in Fortnite

by Ana Lopez

If you don’t fight for your life Fortnite, you will most likely be scouring the environment for an assortment of weapons and items to aid you in battle. It’s a game of two halves, but sometimes hurdles can be thrown your way to make the experience just a little more difficult.

A common challenge to many Fortnite what players now run into is searching containers across the map while under the influence of Slap. Whether it’s just a matter of knowing how to do it, or where to easily find Slap, we’ve got everything you need to know to search these containers in Fortnite.

How to search containers under the effects of blow in Fortnite

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Since this is an in-game challenge in Fortnite, you probably assume it will be a pain to complete. On the contrary, it may be one of the easier ones added to the game. The only thing that makes this a bit confusing is the wording, which has left quite a few players confused.

The weekly challenge – where players must search containers under the influence of Slap – simply asks you to find Slap Juice. If you’ve been playing this season for a while, you probably know what this is, but if not, it’s bottles of juice that increase your health and shields, while also giving you a temporary stamina boost.

You can find these bottles all over the map as standard loot, but an easier way to complete this is to harvest Slap Berries directly. When exploring the wilderness, you will often come across bushes where these fruits grow. They resemble pineapples and often come in bundles of three.

Just collect as many of these as needed and take one before opening a chest. Even if you have full health and shields Fortniteyou can still use them afterwards and search containers including chests, toolboxes and anything else you can open.

Once you’ve searched five containers while under Slap’s influence, you’ve completed the quest and can focus on staying alive in Fortnite.

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