How to restore health or shields with augments in Fortnite

by Ana Lopez

By now you’re probably familiar with Augments, but how do you restore health or shields with Augments in Fortnite? are augments Fortnites version of perks, and with that there are all kinds of variants of Augments. But the thing is, only a limited number of Augments can regenerate health or shields.

If this Weekly Quest is giving you trouble, use the information below to learn how to restore health or shields using Augments in Fortnite.

How to restore health or shields with augments in Fortnite


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To restore health or shields with Augments in Fortnite, you need an Augment that has the ability to restore health or shields. However, there are a number of Augments that are useful for completing this weekly quest.

Most Augments inside Fortnite not function in a way that restores health or shields. And of those that do, they all work differently. For example, the Bush Warrior Augment allows health and partial shield regeneration while in large foliage. The Danger Hero Augment, on the other hand, regenerates health only when your shield breaks.

So to complete this weekly quest, you need luck on your side – or a lot of gold bars. When an Augment becomes available in a match, choose one that can regenerate health, shields, or both. If none of your options fit this description, you must roll again until a restorative Augment appears.

Once you have a suitable Augment, you can complete the weekly challenge by using it to restore a total of 250 health and/or shields.

All augments that restore health or shields in Fortnite


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Below is a list of all Fortnite Augments that can restore health, shields, or both. Look out for these Augments in your next match:

  • Shotgun attacker
  • Danger hero
  • Rarity check
  • bush warrior

So, from the 25+ Augments in Fortnite, only these four can restore health or shields. If you see one of these Augments pop up when it’s match time to activate an Augment, make sure you select it. Good luck!

The Fortnite Siphon Augments are ideal for this quest.

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