How to replenish your Surge Magic in Forspoken

by Ana Lopez

Forspoken has a unique advanced combat technique that players use to defeat enemies. Although you can fight using Attack Magic (RT) and support magic (LT), there is a way to combine both to deal a massive blow to the enemy. This combat method is called Surge Magic (RT + LT), and here’s how you can use it to defeat bosses as powerful as the Dragon.

How to Refill Surge Magic in Forspoken

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Surge Magic has a cooldown and can only be replenished by dealing damage to the enemies you fight, which can be done using Attack Magic and Support Magic. The more damage you deal, the faster the Surge Magic will be available for use. When the top circle on the weapon icon turns yellow (see image), the ultimate ability is ready to use. Once used, Surge Magic will take some time to refill, so use it carefully and keep it for critical situations.

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How does Surge Magic work in Forspoken

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The Surge Magic players use in Forspoken is Genesis. This magic summons vines that are shot down before your very eyes, heavily damaging and stunning multiple enemies within range. The longer you hold the Surge Magic input, the farther the vines extend, but only within the limit. You can also upgrade this magic spell for extra effectiveness.

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