How to make a stick bag in the woods

by Ana Lopez

Sticks are a resource needed to craft various items in the forest, but collecting and carrying enough sticks can be a problem. Fortunately, players can craft things like Stick Bags, but they require specific resources to craft one.

How to Make a Stick Bag in The Forest

To make a Stick bag in The Forest you will need a Rabbit Furthree Clothand two rope. Here’s where and how to get all the necessary resources to make a Stick Bag listed below:

  • How to Get Rabbit Fur – Players must hunt rabbit creatures using traps or weapons to get rabbit fur in the forest. Rabbits also tend to spawn mainly in the wild Peninsula region of the woods.
  • Where to get cloth – Players can find clothes in multiple locations and resources. The best sources of dust are trunks, Canibal Villages and their many effigies, and large cloth crates in caves.
  • Where to get rope – If you want to find Rope in The Forest, your best bet is to search for caves, cannibal villages, boats and the yacht.

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Once you have all the necessary resources, you can create the Stick bag by combining all the items in your inventory.

What is a Stick bag used for in The Forest?

If you’re wondering what the stick bag in The Forest is for, it’s to increase the number of sticks you can carry. Crafting and equipping the Stick Bag will increase the number of sticks you can hold in your inventory 10.

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