How to increase your company’s online visibility

by Ana Lopez

Opinions of contributing entrepreneurs are their own.

Whether the intent is to grow a business or a personal brand, visibility is of course essential. Building a solid and consistently growing brand requires getting in front of the right eyes and engaging the right audience, but this is much easier said than done. We float in a world saturated with people and brands that want to stand out, and we’re committed to doing just that. So how can you – possibly with a limited budget, time frame and bandwidth – grow your online presence… and bring it to the attention of individuals who might not only love your product, but become ambassadors for it?

Recently I was talking to a good friend, Jen Gottlieb, a world-class PR consultant and ‘super connector’, who now focuses on helping entrepreneurs and businesses learn this vital skill. She has released a book in October 2023 titled Being seena program that aims not only to train individuals and companies in how to be noticed by those around them, but also how to recognize themselves as the asset that you are.

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