How to get the Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper skin in Apex Legends

by Ana Lopez

Apex Legends Collection events usually contain 24 cosmetic items that must be collected to unlock an heirloom or prestige skin. However, the Celestial Sunrise Collection event has a very different reward for collecting all event cosmetics.

The Celestial Sunrise Collection event runs from January 23, 2023 to February 7, 2023. The collection prize for the Celestial Sunrise Collection event is the Reactive Jadeite Retribution Skin for the Peacekeeper and here’s how to get it.

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To get the reactive Peacekeeper skin you have to collect all 24 Celestial Sunrise Collection cosmetics. While all cosmetics can be purchased with Crafting Metals or Apex Coins, chances are players will need to drop real cash to unlock them all.

Most collectible events require around $160 to purchase all cosmetics and unlock the collectible reward. While some may consider purchasing the collection items to unlock a new Heirloom or a Prestige skin, many players are already wondering if the reactive Peacekeeper skin is worth it.

Unfortunately, the Jadeite Retribution skin is just a new color of the Season 3 Battle Pass rewards, the Frostbite and Blood Stone Peacekeeper skins. The reactive Peacekeeper skins in Season 3 were very popular, so players may at least have another chance to get their hands on a green version of the skin. The Season 3 Battle Pass was $10 and the Peacekeeper skins could be unlocked at levels 100 and 110, which led many players to point out the huge price difference to unlock the Jadeite Retribution skin.

The Celestial Sunrise collectible event comes as a surprise, as collectible events are usually quite spread out. This collectible event follows directly on from the Spellbound event, which ends on January 23rd. The Celestial Sunrise Collection will also feature a new limited-time Hardcore Royale mode, and many of the cosmetics match the Lunar New Year theme.

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