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by Ana Lopez

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Slap fights is a chaotic, player-vs-player experience that uses a variety of gauntlets, each with their own unique abilities, to take down anyone who gets in your way and get the mess out! The more hits you land and the more players you defeat, the more gloves you can unlock in the future. You can even earn a few badges along the way, some of which are considered top secret! Read on below for a brief look at how to unlock one of these secret badges, the SLEEP DEEP license Plate.

How to earn the DEEP SLUMBER badge in Slap Battles

Before we get started, it’s important to mention that you need to get this badge should have the ZZZZZZZ Glove unlocked and equipped. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy this glove 70 strokes.

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With the Diamond Glove equipped, you walk through the red portal at spawn to be teleported to the Normal Arena.

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Press once in the arena E to activate your gauntlet’s special ability. Doing this will cause your Robloxian to patch itself up and fall asleep.

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To earn the DEEP SLUMBER badge, you must now stay asleep for an entire hour (60 minutes) without dying. Once an hour passes, you unlock the badge – that’s it! Be warned, though, that you’re not invincible while you sleep – other players can still knock you off the map and kill you, making this challenge harder than it looks. We recommend playing with a friend if possible and getting protection from trolling players.

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