How to get powder for casts in Dwarf Fortress

by Ana Lopez

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In Dwarf Fortress, dwarves sometimes break arms, legs, and other bones and must be cast in plaster. To do this, they need gypsum powder, which is referred to interchangeably in the game as gypsum powder and gypsum plaster. Here’s how to make that powder and deliver it to hospitals.

How to make gypsum plaster in Dwarf Fortress

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To make gypsum plaster in Dwarf Fortress, you need a source of powder. This can be gypsum stone, alabaster, selenite or satin fir. Then you need one Oven to use the make gypsum powder task. To use the oven, dwarfs have the oven works skill enabled.

To make gypsum powder you will also need an empty bag, which can be made of leather, cloth or silk. Bags of plaster are then stored in it hospital zones, with the standard amount of five bags of plaster. Bags of gypsum plaster do not have a specified stock option and are stored in your furniture stocks unless they are stored in hospitals.

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Common mistakes and mistakes when making plaster in Dwarf Fortress

There are two common, known problems if you’re having trouble making gypsum powder. The first is not having enough bags. Bags sometimes appear empty, but contain something like a single seed or something else that prevents them from being filled. Or they may be prohibited or inaccessible to the oven. Make more bags to solve this.

Alternatively, there is sometimes a bug where the job of making gypsum powder won’t be as complete in the oven anyway. In this case you need the Work orders menu to let your manager set up multiple tasks to work around this bug.

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