How to get gold bars in Fallout 76

by Ana Lopez

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Fallout 76 is set after the Apocalypse in the Appalachian Wasteland. Remnants of civilization are still there, and these people trade in different currencies. One of them is Gold Bullions, which can be used to purchase rare items. This may leave you wondering how to get Gold Bullions and what to do with them in Fallout 76.

Where to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

There are several ways to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76. There is one daily and weekly cap on how many Gold Bullions you can earn, but there are separate numbers for different methods. There also is a 10,000 limit per character, and any gold bars that exceed this are lost. Here’s how to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76.

  • Complete Secrets Revealed quest (Wastelanders Questline).
  • Trade Treasury bills at Gold Press Machines. (400 daily limit)
  • Buy from Smiley at The Wayward. (300 weekly limit)

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How to Farm Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

The best way to farm Gold Bullions is to collect Treasury Notes from public events and Settler/Raider daily events. We recommend creating a team or collaborating with other players to speed up this process. Do this daily and top up your Gold Bullions via Smiley to edit Gold Bullions in the best way.

All gold bar sellers in Fallout 76

Three vendors mainly deal in Gold Bullions in Fallout 76. However, Minerva also has the chance to trade in this currency. Check all suppliers to see what they have in stock before making final purchases. Here are all the Gold Bullion Vendors in Fallout 76.

  • reg – Vault 79
  • Mortimer – The crater
  • Samuel – Foundation
  • Minerva – Roam

Best things to buy with Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

Ultimately, this will depend on your build, but there are some items in Fallout 76 that are definitely worth buying with Gold Bullions. This includes the Secret Service armor, Grocery backpack, T65 Power Armor, Armco ammunition machineand Turbofert fertilizer. Round out your purchases with weapons that also suit your play style.

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