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by Ana Lopez

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The developers of Blox Fruits have finally released the long-awaited update that will allow players to evolve their race. On that note, if you have a character with the Cyborg race and want to awaken it, you’ll first need to remove the Temple of Time puzzle, followed by clearing the unique Test the machine associated with your race.

How to complete the Temple of Time puzzle in Blox Fruits

Before completing the Temple of Time Puzzle, you must first open it. To do this, you must defeat the Rip Indra NPC. You can summon the boss by placing the God’s Chalice on the pedestal in Castle on the Sea. Remember that you can’t spawn the boss if you don’t have all three types of Haki colors.

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After defeat, you need to interact with the King Red Head tablet in the same Castle on the Sea that will guide you to an invisible Mysterious Force NPC at the top of the Great Tree. Talking to the NPC will take you to the Temple of Time.

Before shipping, make sure you have x1 fractal mirror material as it is required to complete the puzzle. In the temple you have to pull a lever in the left corridor. You can only qualify to pull the lever after finding the blue gear lever. Exit the place by interacting with the only NPC in the temple. Reach the King Red Head Tablet again, which will guide you to visit Mirage Island when the moon is full.

Travel to Mirage Island and climb to the highest point. Activate the Cyborg ability and stare at the moon for more than 15 seconds while having the mirror fractal in your inventory. A blue gear will descend from the moon, interact with it and return to the Temple of Time. Pull the lever to open a hidden door containing the path area.

How to complete the machine trial in Blox Fruits

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For the second part of the challenge you need two friends who have different races than yours. Now wait for a new full moon to peak through the clouds. At this exact time, stand in front of the doors associated with each race in the track’s room. After the door opens, clear the paths by dodging all the bombs and return to the main pilot area. Beat each of your friends who have passed their trials. Once you defeat your friends, follow the spawned orb from your last opponent’s body to the old clock tower. Interact with it and you will awaken the Cyborg Race.

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