How To Fix Valheim Console Cheat Commands Not Working

by Ana Lopez

Occasionally users will get frustrated with cheat or console commands in Valheim. In short, errors can sometimes occur, such as spawn is not valid in the current context. In these cases, users should investigate why their cheat commands are not working in Valheim.

Why don’t my cheats work in Valheim?

If your cheats don’t work in Valheim, commands probably do not activated in your game. When cheats and console commands are not activated, players will see a response stating x command or spawn is not valid in the current context. This answer indicates that cheats are not activated, so you must activate them for cheats to work in Valheim. Here’s how to fix cheats that don’t work in Valheim:

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How to fix cheats not working in Valheim

Commands in Valheim don’t work until users activate them, so here’s how to activate and unlock cheat commands in Valheim:

  • How to activate commands To activate commands in Valheim, users must first add -to console to the launch options for the game on Steam. Players can add -to console to their launch options by following the steps below:
    • Step one – Right click on Valheim in your Steam library
    • Step two – Select the Properties option from the list of options that appear in a small tab.
    • Step three – Add console to the Launch Options tab in Valheim’s Steam Properties menu.

After falling from the steps above, load into Valheim and press F1 to open the console. Then type both dev commands followed by debugging mode in the console to activate cheat commands. You can do this step in-game or in the main menu, but we recommend doing it in-game. Once cheat commands are activated, you can type any command or cheat in the game, and it should work if done correctly. We recommend double-checking the command requirements, parameters, and spelling to make sure everything is working properly.

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