How to Fix Population Incompatible Error in World of Warcraft

by Ana Lopez

A population-incompatible error World of Warcraft can quickly put the brakes on your game plans. World of Warcraft is one of the greatest online games ever created and as such may occasionally have issues. A population incompatible error may appear when you try to log in to the current or classic version of the game. For when that happens, here’s how to fix a population incompatible error World of Warcraft.

WoW Population Incompatible Error: What Causes It

World of Warcraft Population Incompatible Error: A large group of skeletons outside a large wall

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The reason a population incompatible error occurs is actually quite simple, so much so that you wouldn’t expect it to be a thing these days. These errors generally only occur in the hours or days after a new update has gone live in the game.

What happens is that for some reason your game has not been updated to match the new version. As a result, when the game and the servers communicate, the servers recognize that something is wrong and this is why the population incompatible error appears. The wording could be a bit clearer, but otherwise it’s a simple problem with a simple solution.

WoW Population Incompatible Error: How To Fix It

World of Warcraft Population Incompatible Error: A raid party is fighting a dragon

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Typical, World of Warcraft should install updates automatically when one is available. This population incompatible error appears when it doesn’t, so we need to make sure the game is updated to fix the error.

The first thing to do is shut everything down manually. That means you have to disable the game and then force to close. To do this, open Task Manager. You can search for it in your taskbar or press ctrl+alt+delete to open it. likes to run in the background, even if you shut it down. So we have to do a forced stop. To do this, locate the program in the Task Manager under the Background Processes heading. It will appear as agent.exe. This is the Update Agent, and it should update your games when you turn on your PC.

When you find the process, click on it and then End task. Once this is done, run as you normally would. This should trigger the update. Once World of Warcraft install the update, you can play the game again.

That’s it for our incompatible errors guide to World of Warcraft Populations. For more information about the game, check out the World of Warcraft Dragonflight update 10.0.5 patch notes.

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