How to contact Rift Warden Stellan at a Hologram Brazier in Fortnite

by Ana Lopez

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Players looking to complete Part 2 of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Oathbound quests should contact Rift Warden Stellan to get things started. While that sounds like an easy task to complete, it’s only if players know where and how to make contact.

How to contact Rift Warden Stellan in Fortnite

To complete this quest, players must land near the location of the Citadel, which can be found on the northwest side of the map. From there, they must interact with one of the three Hologram Braziers found in the area. Players will look for a large object that resembles a charcoal grill outside.

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Using the object and listening to Rift Warden Stellan’s dialogue completes phase one of the questline. Players must ensure that their Augment tutorials are completed before embarking on this quest, so make sure this is done beforehand or it will not unlock.

All Hologram Brazier locations in Fortnite

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The first set of braziers will not be found within the walls of The Citadel; instead, they are spread over three areas around the location. This means that loot will be scarce and it can be difficult to get good weapons, leading to a rough early game.

Any of the three braziers will work to complete the quest, so it might be best to land on one of the braziers that aren’t overrun by enemies, or even flip into one once they’re properly equipped. If getting knocked out quickly isn’t an issue, landing directly on it is a good option, as players don’t have to listen to the Stellan once they start talking.

Moving forward with the quest line will lead players to another set of braziers to interact with. These can be found around the center of the map and they are much more scattered than those near The Citadel.

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As with the first set, interacting with only one of these braziers is enough, so try to find the least contested one. It’s important to note that players don’t have to complete every stage in the same game, so getting eliminated before reaching the second set of braziers isn’t a big deal.

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