How to check social stats in Persona 4 Golden

by Ana Lopez

Social stats are the bread and butter of any Persona game, and players are often very aware of how well their stats are doing. This is particularly the case in Persona 4 Golden, where the opportunities to increase said stats aren’t as consistent as in the other games in the series. Here’s how to check your social stats in Persona 4 Golden.

How to see your social stats in Persona 4 Golden

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If you want to check your courage, dedication, understanding, expression and knowledge, all you need to do is open Status in your menu to see Yu’s profile. Then select Switch information. All social stats max out at rank five.

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How to increase social stats in Persona 4 Golden

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Social stats can be increased in several ways in the game, such as studying (Knowledge), folding Origami (Understanding), and eating leftovers in your fridge (Courage). Below is a table of all the activities that can increase each stat:

Social stat Activities that increase it
Courage – Occasionally eat something weird in your fridge (do it last, because Yu will pass out for the rest of the day after doing that)
– Working in the hospital
– Go on long rides with your scooter
diligence – Play your chosen sport (basketball or football) after school
– Fold envelopes in your room
– Working part time at the bar
– Playing outside with the cat at night (when Dojima is not there)
Concept – Attend band practice (if you didn’t choose Drama)
– Origami folding
Expression – Worked as a translator and later as a tutor
– Answer some questions correctly in class
– Go to Drama Club (if you didn’t choose Band)
Knowledge – Studying
– Answer some questions correctly in class

on Rainy days, you can dine at Aiyas and participate in the Mega Beef Bowl Challenge. You can only succeed by facing it with maximum courage, dedication, understanding and knowledge, but failing to do so will cause three of these four stats to randomly increase. Also keep an eye out for books to read as they can increase one of the five stats above.

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