How to change the difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage

by Ana Lopez

Enable fire emblem has three different difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Maddening. The latter two provide a more challenging experience than the relatively easy Normal option. Can you increase the difficulty at every point? Enable fire emblem? And how do you change the difficulty? Here’s everything you need to know about changing the difficulty to Enable fire emblem.

Can you change the difficulty of Fire Emblem Engage?

Change the Fire Emblem Engage difficulty

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In Enable fire emblem, you can change your difficulty in the hub city of Somniel. After the first climactic battle in the protagonist’s home castle, you eventually find yourself in isolated Somniel. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll want to go to ‘My Room’. Press X to access the quick travel functionality between all major Somniel locations and press A in ‘My Room’.

Now that you are in Alear’s room, hurry to the beautiful bed that lies at the far end of the room. Interact with it and you’ll see “Difficulty Setting” in the new Bed menu. Select that and you can change your difficulty from there. The options are quite similar to Fire emblem: three houses.

Unfortunately, if you chose Normal, you can’t make the game more challenging for yourself. For some reason, Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems shut the harder difficulties away from the player. It’s frustrating because you might think the game is way too easy. This is also the case with Hard players who want to play Maddening. However, if you want to lower the difficulty, you certainly can.

At this point you may want to start a new game and skip the cutscenes while continuing with the + button. Hopefully you haven’t played too much of the campaign. While in the main menu you can change the vocal performances from English to Japanese.

A quick way to level up in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Arena

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If you want to stick to the hardest difficulty settings, there’s a way to increase and upgrade your characters’ stats outside of the missions. First you can visit the Arena in Somniel. Three times a day you can have a character spar with a random teammate. This will significantly increase their experience and increase their affinity with the sparring partner. Some might even be romantic towards your protagonist.

At the expense of Bond Fragments, you can also deepen the bond between a character and an emblem. This gives you the chance to learn the moves of the decals and make these heroes stronger. With the amount of customization options the game offers, it’s no surprise that it’s a main entry in the series.

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