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by Ana Lopez

Draws in Minecraft are one cycle of the game’s algorithm, and taps in Minecraft have a predetermined pace. So, what would you do if you wanted to adjust the tapping speed?

The Minecraft program loop moves at a constant rate of 20 ticks per second. After activating the cheats, use the command “/gamerule randomTickSpeed ​​|your tick number|>” to change the tick speed. “/gamerule randomTickSpeed ​​80”, for example. This command changes your checkmark every four seconds. Another option is to change it in your game’s options.

Your game will update slower if your tap speed is higher. Your game will only update once per hour if you set the tap rate to 7200. It will update once per second if you set it to 20.

If you set it to a lower number, frequent game updates can cause the game to lag and perform slower. Elevating the tick can help plants grow faster. But why would you, and why is it necessary, to adjust the typing speed? Let’s see.

Standard tap speed:

Simply explained, in Minecraft a spell tick is the unit of time. Minecraft’s default tap speed is 20 taps per second. It indicates that one tap occurs every 0.05 seconds.

Ticks are responsible for Minecraft’s improvements and upgrades. In the game, a day takes 24,000 taps. That would take 20 minutes in real life. When you press ALT + F3 in game, the TPS (ticks per second) number is displayed on the screen.

In Java Edition, the random tap speed is set to three by default. The random tap speed in the Bedrock edition is one.

Don’t bother with the random tap speed if you don’t know how to use or adjust it. Setting it to very high settings can make the game unplayable. Let me demonstrate how it works:

By default, the random tap speed is set to three. If you adjust it to 21, plant growth, fire spread, and other factors will increase sevenfold.

Fastest Tap Speed:

You can change the tap speed from 0 to 256 taps per second. The default number is 20, but you can change it after you enable the cheats and level up in the game. With each level you win, the number of taps per second increases.

To change tap speed:

Use the letter “T” for Windows 10 and JavaScript edition and the D-pad on the controller for PS4 and Xbox to access the chat window. Once the chat window is open, use the command below to adjust the tapping speed to your liking.

Your settings are the second way to change the tap speed. While playing the game, go to the settings. At the very bottom of the options page, there is an option called “Random Tick Speed”. Click on it and enter the new tapping speed you want to use.

Bonus: increase your mouse speed in autoclicker by using this autoclicker.

The “/gamerule” command can be used to adjust the typing speed. This command is available in several Minecraft versions. Specifically, there are two commands:

  1. /gamerule RandomTickSpeed
  2. /gamerule RandomTickSpeed

The first is to control the rate at which objects develop or decay by setting an accurate number for the tap speed.

The second step is to check the rules of the game.

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