How to beat the sixth boss in Praey for the Gods – business updates

by Ana Lopez

The Crogon is the sixth boss in Praey for the Gods, and it’s the hardest to defeat. The game’s second flying monster (Crogon) is a mix of a dragon and a bird that flies across your screen and terrifies you.

As a result, you have to figure out how to get to it – or how to get rid of it – without falling. There are a variety of tactics and approaches that can be used to defeat The Crogon, but we found this to be the most effective. So let’s get started with our strategy that will see you beat the sixth boss in Praey of the Gods.

Use of a small platform in the center of the area has been suspended indefinitely. Go to the two pillars on either side of the entrance hall.

On top of that are two bell-shaped switches, similar to those on bosses, that are activated by pressing a button. To raise the short platform, repeat the operation three times on both pillars, starting from the bottom. Keep an eye out for The Crogon’s fireballs as you go about your work.

When the platform rises, a flame appears on the ground. Take the stairs to the top of the platform and draw your bow while standing next to the flame. This ignites the flames of your arrow.

If you get close enough, the Crogon will dive and hit you with a strong ball of fire from its jaws. Shoot the flaming arrow at the purple flame to amaze and startle The Crogon. If this ball comes into contact with you, it will deal significant damage.

When you have successfully stun The Crogon, your screen will turn white. The Crogon will be visible on the ground once it disappears.

This allows you to quickly rise to the top of it and activate the bell-like switches. These can be seen on the wingtips, chest and tail of the bird.

To get the two bubbles on its wings you have to follow the wing all the way to the end of each of its wings.

This will use up a significant amount of stamina, so if The Crogon has leveled up, stand up and stretch to replenish your stamina. Once you reach the wingtip, keep ascending until you’ve rung the bell three times. Rep with the wing on the opposite side of the body.

It is possible for the bell to be attacked on its chest as it moves from one wing to the other.

Keep your stamina in mind as you aim for this vulnerable spot, as The Crogon will attempt to shake you, which will cause you to be suspended for a longer period of time than in other regions of the map. Continue to the end of the line after ringing the bell three times.

Given that there is no fur connecting the tail to the rest of the body, this is the hardest part to do.

You have two options: drop the Crogon and use the arrow technique to knock it down, or use the grapple to pull yourself towards the creature’s tail.

You must hit the bell three times to destroy The Crogon, regardless of the path you used to get to the tail.

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