How many gigabytes is Apex Legends?

by Ana Lopez

How many gigabytes is Apex Legends?

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Wondering how many gigabytes you need space for Apex legends? Apex Legends is one of the more graphically impressive battle royales, likely taking up more space than its contemporaries. The number of gigabytes the game takes up depends on which version of the game you are playing and on which platform. Here’s how many gigabytes are in it Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Gigabyte Size: PlayStation

Apex Legends Gigabytes: A legend bathed in blue light

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Apex Legends can be played on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As you might imagine, the PS5 version is quite a bit bigger than the previous console. This may be because the game on PS4 downloads in a compressed format.

On PS4, the download size will be around 50-60 GB. If you’re playing on PS5, download the full version, which is a whopping 80 gigabytes.

Apex Legends Gigabyte Size: Xbox

Apex Legends Gigabytes: Octane, one of the Legends

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The situation on Xbox is a bit different than on PlayStation. Likewise, Apex Legends is playable on all Xbox consoles, from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series S/X. Unlike the PS4, the older Xbox consoles don’t download a smaller, compressed version of the game.

As such, no matter what model of Xbox you’re playing on, you’ll need the full 80GB to store and play Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Gigabyte Size: PC

Apex Legends Gigabytes: A legend with a whipsword and a shield

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For playing on PC you have two options. Apex Legends is available on EA’s Origin platform, of course, as it’s an EA game itself. It’s also available on Steam, but for some reason the file size is the tiniest bit bigger on Steam.

The main difference between the two versions is that you can launch the game early on Origin. Once the game is about 40% downloaded, you can launch it and use all offline features. You have to wait for the game to finish downloading to play online.

Apex Legends Gigabyte Size: Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends Gigabytes: Revenant

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As you might imagine, the Switch version of Apex Legends is a much smaller, more scaled-down edition. The game runs at a much lower resolution, so it doesn’t need that much space. That said, it will probably still be the biggest game on your Switch, if you can even fit it on your Switch.

For comparison, the 22 GB file size of Apex Legends on Switch seems paltry, but since the Switch itself only comes with 32GB of internal storage, you’re going to have to cut some corners. You should be able to remove most if not all other games from your Switch in order to play them Top, or you can use an SD memory card to expand your memory.

The Nintendo Switch can use SD cards up to 2 TB and games will run from an SD card with ease. If you want to play Apex Legends on your Switch, this is the way to do it.

That’s it for how many gigabytes Apex Legends is on each platform. For more on the game, check out our Apex Legends hardcore royale guide.

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