How many chests are there in total in Genshin Impact?

by Ana Lopez

Now that Genshin Impact’s Teyvat is filled to the brim with different regions, towns and cities, it’s the perfect continent to hold one or two chests…or thousands. With more and more added in each patch, HoYoverse’s game is absolutely swimming with hidden treasures to discover. But how many total chests are there in Genshin Impact? Put on your adventurer outfit and get ready to explore, because there’s a ridiculous amount of them.

Total Chests in Genshin Impact (as of Patch 3.4, February 2023)

Image via HoYoverse

Since HoYoverse’s popular single-player MMORPG Genshin Impact currently features four playable regions at the time of writing, it’s no surprise that the game is home to a huge number of chests. But the actual number may shock and somewhat intimidate you, especially if you want to collect everything possible.

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As of February 1, 2023, Genshin Impact has 4,950 unique chestsaccording to HoYoLAB, the game’s official forum. And that includes the newest region, Sumeru. note that not every chest can be found in the open world; some appear in timed events, Domainsor through side missions.

The number of chests of each type is as follows:

Type of breast How much
Common chest 2538
Beautiful chest 1594
Precious box 488
Luxury box 184
Remarkable box 146

What’s in each breast type in Genshin Impact?

There are five types of breast in Genshin Impact, from low rarity until very rare. As the name suggests, common chests are the most common, while deluxe and remarkable chests are the rarest. Various rewards can be obtained by finding the hidden loot, such as Primogems, weaponsand Artifactsalthough the type, quantity and rarity depend on the breast type.

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You can expect the following drops from each type of chest, although the loot outcome varies from chest to chest:

Type of breast Possible drops
Common chest 0-2 Primogems, 10-20 Adventure EXP, 1-3 Sigils, 257-996 Mora
1*, 2*, 3* Improvement Materials
1*, 2* weapons
1*, 2* Artifacts
Beautiful box 2-5 Primogems, 20-30 Adventure EXP, 2-4 Sigils, 756-1,367 Mora
2*, 3* Improvement Materials
1*, 2*, 3* weapons
1*, 2*, 3* artifacts
Precious chest 5-10 Primogems, 30 Adventure EXP, 3-10 Sigils, 1,433 Mora
2*, 3* Improvement Materials
1*, 2*, 3* weapons
1*, 2*, 3* artifacts
Luxury box 10 Primogems, 30 Adventure EXP, 4-10 Sigils, 1,500+ Mora
2*, 3* Improvement Materials
1*, 2*, 3* weapons
1*, 2*, 3* artifacts
Remarkable box 0-5 Primogems

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