How do you get more Credits in Industries of Titan?

by Ana Lopez

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In Industries of Titan, just like in real life, your employees need to be paid. Every day you have to pay your employees a fixed salary of Credits, depending on the number of employees you have. However, if you don’t have any Credits and can’t afford to give them their salary, you may run into unexpected problems. It’s never ideal to have only 100 credits after paying your employees each day. Join us as we explain how to get more credits in Industries of Titan.

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Make sure every employee has a job

City Employee Management menu with the list of full-time jobs highlighted
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Since the number of Credits you earn is directly proportional to the number of employees employed, ItIt’s best to give your employees fulltime jobs when available. These jobs guarantee a constant source of income and ensure that there is always someone to carry out assignments. To access this City Employee Management menu, select the icon with a single employee on it. Here you can view crucial financial information such as the employee’s salary and the total number of unassigned employees.

Build stations to generate income for idle citizens

monetization menu with the generated credits section highlighted
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If your citizens are not actively engaged in anything during the work phase, they can work at Monetization Stations and earn Credits. Each income station can only hold one citizen at a time, so be sure to build several. Revenue generating stations don’t cost a ton of energy, so they can be stacked efficiently in a single plant for maximum profit.

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Apply for credit from the Council

Council Chamber menu with the
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At the cost of 10 Influence, you can request 250 Credits in the Raadzaal. If you regularly struggle with Credits, this is a quick and easy way to avoid problems. However, you cannot request Credits non-stop, as each request requires one Exchange Ticket. These tickets charge over time and so cannot be used in rapid succession.

Build offices for large-scale profit

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By building an office, you can earn 3072 Credits every day, which should help if you’re struggling with debt. However, an office needs 32 energy to function, which means you should prepare for these costs in advance by installing additional generators. If you can afford an office, it’s best to invest in it rather than factories with revenue generating stations.

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