How do you get Battle Stars in Fortnite?

by Ana Lopez

Learn how to get stars Fortnite is crucial to leveling up the battle pass and earning the various associated cosmetic rewards ranging from outfits to harvesting tools. FortniteThe Battle Pass system changes almost every season, giving players new ways to acquire different rewards, and sometimes the existing system includes a currency called Battle Stars.

You want to earn as many Battle Stars as possible to complete the Battle Pass and get a lot of rewards, so check out how to get Stars in Fortnite.

How to get Battle Stars in Fortnite

How do you get stars in Fortnite

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Battle Stars are awarded to players after they earn enough XP to level up, with five Battle Stars being awarded for each level achieved. This also works for levels purchased with V-Bucks, so no matter how you earn a level, you’ll still get the correct amount of Battle Stars.

There’s also a cap on the number of Battle Stars you can earn, which is 500, as you can’t get more than you need to unlock everything in the Battle Pass. Unlike some seasons’ linear battle pass where you level up and just automatically earn the reward, Battle Stars let you select which rewards you want, in whatever order you want.

This allows players to save up their Battle Stars to get the more expensive cosmetic-like outfits, but nothing stops you progressing through them in the order shown in the Battle Pass menu. It’s also worth noting that if you reach the end of the season and haven’t spent all your stars, they will automatically be used to redeem the items in chronological order.

That’s all for our explanation of how to get stars Fortniteand now you understand the Battle Stars system and can get the Battle Pass rewards you want.

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