How do you escape Witt’s End in Colossal Cave?

by Ana Lopez

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If you’ve been caving for too long and you start to get tired, it’s easy to lose your way. In the haze of darkness, each corridor seems identical to the last. In the case of Witt’s End, however, every passage but one leads back to the main space. In your underground delirium, you must discover which tunnel leads to the exit. With 10 tunnels to choose from, that can be challenging and even frustrating. This is how you escape Witt’s End in Colossal Cave 3D.

How do you leave Witt’s End in Colossal Cave?

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

As it seems the correct exit is constantly changing, you’re right. There are 10 possible exits, including the eight tunnels and two ladder directions, and there is a 10% chance of choosing the correct exit. The exit changes every time you return to the main room, and it can’t be the tunnel directly behind you.

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While it seems like there must be a logical solution to this puzzle, you just have to try random exits until you find the right one. Try keep walking through different tunnels, instead of repeating the same one in a row. Use your map and compass to determine which tunnels you have not yet explored. This random solution can be frustrating, especially in a logic puzzle game. However, there is another solution.

Another way to leave Witt’s End is through not come into the room at all. Since there are no items to be found in this area, you can avoid it altogether. If you’ve already entered the room and don’t feel like randomly walking through tunnels, you can load a previous save and continue your journey. While you may have to backtrack, it’s certainly better than hearing “You’ve crawled around in some small holes” repeatedly.

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